20 Best Classy Wine Quotes For Every Wine Lover!

Classy wine quotes

If you’re a wine lover, you know that there’s something special about pouring a glass of your favorite vintage and savoring its flavor and aroma. Because wine is so much more than just a beverage!

That’s why we’ve gathered some of the best classy wine quotes to inspire your next toast or to simply help you appreciate the beauty of this wonderful beverage. From literary figures to wine experts, these quotes capture the essence of what makes wine so irresistible and why it’s been a beloved drink for centuries.

Top 20 Classy Wine Quotes

bottled poetry
  1. “Wine is the only artwork you can drink.” – Luis Fernando Olaverri
  2. “Wine is bottled poetry.” – Robert Louis Stevenson
  3. “Wine is the most healthful and most hygienic of beverages.” – Louis Pasteur
  4. “Wine is the intellectual part of a meal.” – Alexandre Dumas
  5. “Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant, every day more civilized.” – Andre Simon
  6. “Wine is like a good friend: it makes the good times better and the bad times bearable.” – Unknown
  7. “Wine is the lubricant of conversation.” – Unknown
  8. “Wine is sunlight, held together by water.” – Galileo Galilei
  9. “Wine is a constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy.” – Benjamin Franklin
  10. “Wine is a passport to the world.” – Thom Elkjer 
  11. “Wine is the drink of the gods, milk the drink of babes, tea the drink of women, and water the drink of beasts.” – John Stuart Blackie
  12. “Wine is the nectar of the gods.” – Anonymous (Greek Mythology)
  13. “Wine is the ultimate companion to good food, good friends, and good conversation.” – Unknown
  14. “Wine is a constant source of pleasure and comfort.” – Ernest Hemingway
  15. “Wine is a gift from the gods to be savored and enjoyed.” – Unknown
  16. “Wine is the poetry of the earth.” – Mario Soldati
  17. “Wine is a living liquid containing no preservatives. Its life cycle comprises youth, maturity, old age, and death. When not treated with reasonable respect it will sicken and die.” – Julia Child
  18. “Wine is bottled history.” – John Keats
  19. “Wine is the answer to all of life’s problems.” – Anonymous
  20. “Wine is a reminder that life is meant to be enjoyed.” – Unknown


ted lasso classy wine quotes

In conclusion, quotes can be powerful motivators because they distill complex ideas or emotions into a concise, memorable statement.

Take for example, Ted Lasso’s “Believe” poster shows how a simple quote/word can have a profound impact on people. And if you haven’t watched Ted Lasso yet, you are missing out!

Also, quotes can be an amusing yet meaningful way to express yourself and your thoughts! So if you’re looking for a little nugget of inspiration or amusement, these 20 classy wine quotes will do the trick!

Cheers to great conversations and good times with friends and family over a glass of wine. Enjoy!

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