Best Lunch In Napa - Our 12 Favorite Spots!

best lunch in napa

Lunch is a must when you’re out wine tasting! Whether you’re in the mood for a roadside bite or a fancy meal at a restaurant, we’ve got you covered. 

Sometimes your tasting day is jam-packed, and you need a quick bite. Other times, you’ve got plenty of time to savor a nice lunch in the scenic Napa Valley. 

These are my favorite pickup, roadside, and sit-down lunch options that you’ll hopfeully enjoy!

Best Pickup Lunch in Napa

El Porteño

el porteno

Located in the Oxbow Market, El Porteño, with its Argentinian-inspired offerings, was a delightful surprise. The empanadas were simply some of the best I’ve ever had. They’re packed with flavor, and the meat-to-pastry ratio is spot on! So many choices, and I’ve sampled them all. The lamb, mushroom, tomato, and jamon empanadas were my top picks. I’ve listed quite a few, but they were all delicious! And only $7 each!


Every fast-food fan knows about In-N-Out. Plenty of well-known chefs and celebrities adore it and swear by it as the best fast food burger. So it’s hard to beat the classic appeal of their burgers and shakes, especially when you’re looking for a quick, satisfying bite. They have one located near Downtown Napa and as usual there is a long line during lunch hours but it moves fast.


Thomas Keller’s laid-back dining spot was a standout during my trip. You can grab lunch to-go or savor it in the garden. Guests can choose from their popular buttermilk fried chicken, crispy chicken sandwich, or pulled pork sandwich.

Best Roadside Lunch In Napa

Lou's Luncheonette

Lous luncheonette

A hidden gem in the Carneros region of Napa, they won me over with its outdoor benches and a comfort food menu that felt like a warm hug. Their locally sourced ingredients elevated the simple pleasure of a home-cooked meal into something truly special.

Gott's Roadside

gotts roadside

A visit to Gott’s Roadside is a must for any food lover traveling through Napa. They are an iconic stop in Napa Valley. Their modern approach to American roadside cuisine, with mouthwatering burgers and shakes, has become famous in the region.

The Station

the station

Located in St. Helena, this place is really cool. It’s a working gas station with an awesome kitchen. The Station is a cozy and welcoming spot, perfect for a casual lunch on their outdoor benches. They serve up local coffee, delicious pastries, sandwiches, salads, drinks, and other tasty treats. And they now also have a solid pizza menu.

Best Sit Down Lunch In Napa

Bear at Stanly Ranch

A new luxury resort in Napa Valley’s Carneros region! This upscale eatery offered an experience blending sophistication with Napa’s rustic charm. The farm-to-table vibe shined through in every dish, highlighting top-notch local produce and meats.

Bistro Don Giovanni

A favorite among locals and visitors for its Italian fare and charming ambiance. Basically offers a slice of Italy in the heart of Napa. The pasta dishes were exceptional, made with a respect for Italian culinary traditions.

Mustards Grill

A Napa Valley stalwart, impressed with its robust flavors and hearty dishes. Mustards Grill has been serving up hearty American/California cuisine for over three decades. Known for its wood-burning grill and a cozy atmosphere

Rutherford Grill

Became a favorite for my family, for its relaxed atmosphere and consistent quality. Their USDA Prime French Dip Au Jus is probably the best sandwich in Napa Valley especially for those who love beef!

Farmstead at Long Meadow Ranch

Offering a delightful American farmhouse experience that defines the region. The food was fantastic and the restaurant setting was amazing. Each bite, from the burrata to the garden salad to the grass-fed beef burger, was a celebration of local produce and craftsmanship.


Located in the luxury resort of the Carneros Inn. I really adore this lovely resort with its fantastic outdoor seating area, perfect for chilling out and having a drink. My lunch at The FARM was a standout during my Napa Valley trip. The food was delicious, with their locally-sourced dishes and lovely atmosphere.