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apothic merlot

When it comes to silky smooth, very fruit forward, easy drinking wine at an attractive price, the first brand that comes to many people’s minds is Apothic. Known for their intriguing bottles and vintage intriguing wines, they are slowly becoming a fan favorite of many “apothic” drinkers.

Their latest edition, Apothic Merlot, has sweet dark fruit flavors with a smooth and velvety finish. With an average price of $10, this wine is featured in the Top 25 California Merlot Wines in the United States.

Who Makes Apothic Merlot?

The Apothic Merlot is produced by Apothic Winemaker that’s owned by Debbie Juergenson. The brand is known for blending various California grape varietals to create intriguing and flavorful wines.

The majority of the Merlot and Teroldego for this wine was sourced from Central California, specifically in the Lodi region.

Our Apothic Merlot Review

apothic merlot


Like all Apothic Winemaker bottles, the Apothic Merlot has an alluring aluminum bottle. It has a deep midnight blue design and an alluring “A” logo of the brand. The wine has a dark purple color.


Opening the bottle, I was overwhelmed with the oak smell. However, while swirling the wine, I can smell some dark fruits like blackberries and black cherries. There’s also a light scent of red licorice which is enticing.


The Apothic Merlot has a rich jammy fruit flavor and smooth texture. You can definitely taste what you initially smell. The blackberry, boysenberry, black cherry, blueberries, and oak stand out the most. There’s also a hint of spice, vanilla, and chocolate. The taste lingers in the mouth, and it’s a little sweet.


This wine has a silky smooth finish. It has an off-bold taste and a full-mouth feel. What makes it smooth is its low tannins and its low-level acidity creates its soft and long-lasting finish. Honestly, the wine is leaning more towards medium sweet.

WineO Mark Rating

Apothic Merlot

79 Points
  • Cost: $10.99
  • Quality Price Ratio: B
  • Taste: B

Where to Buy

The Apothic Merlot is available in almost all wine retailers including Walmart, Target, Safeway, Bevmo, Vivino, Total Wine, Drizly, and more. The price of this wine is around ~$10.


What is the Alcohol Content of Apothic Merlot?

Apothic Merlot has 13.5% alcohol content, but you can’t smell and taste this on the wine. 

What Does Apothic Merlot Taste Like?

Apothic Merlot has dark fruits flavors. Its predominant flavors are blackberries, black cherries, boysenberries, and oak. Additionally, it has some hints of vanilla, chocolate, and spices that balance out everything.

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