Barter and Trade Sauvignon Blanc - WineO Mark Review

Barter and Trade Sauvignon Blanc

Wine Stats

  • Grape Variety: 100% Sauvignon Blanc

  • Vintage: 2020

  • ABV: 12.7%

  • Wine Region: Ancient Lakes of Colombia Valley, Washington

  • Flavor Profile: Citrus, pear, florals, grapefruit, and minerals

  • Average Price: $18 – $20

WineO Mark Review

This wine is considered by many wine enthusiasts, including me, as one of the best Sauvignon Blancs from Washington today because of its affordable price and captivating flavors. I get an aroma that has both fruity and some earthy notes to it. And I can smell some green apples, lemon zest, pear, and fresh cut grass.

On the palate, there’s grapefruit, green apple, pear, floral, and minerals. Overall, this wine is delicate and balanced. The fruity taste lingers from start to finish.

WineO Mark Rating

Barter and Trade Sauvignon Blanc 2020

Highly Recommend for Sauvignon Blanc Lovers
92 Points
  • Quality Price Ratio: A-
  • Taste: A-
Great value

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