12 Best ALDI Wines For All Types Of Wine Lovers! Dry to Sweet!

best Aldi wine

Are you living in the Midwest or East Coast? If so, then I’m sure that ALDI is a familiar grocery chain to you. In total, this store has expanded its presence to 39 US states with more than 2278 branches. And Illinois, Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania boast the highest number of ALDI stores out of them all! So let’s go over some of the best ALDI wine for the next time you go shopping! 

ALDI has its very own private label wine brands, exclusively available at ALDI and nowhere else. And they do this to not only eliminate intermediaries in the supply-chain but also drive down prices – a method other retailers often employ as well. At ALDI, there might NOT be a large selection of wine but their prices are typically cheap and unbeatable!

Admittedly, ALDI wines are far from premium wines; however, they offer a few excellent and affordable choices. Moreover, shopping for wine at ALDI is convenient since you can purchase groceries and your wines in one place! One-Stop Shop!

Below we have compiled our top 12 favorite picks that we would recommend.

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Best Red Wines at ALDI

1) Peaks & Tides Cabernet Sauvignon

Peaks & Tides Cabernet Sauvignon

This Cabernet Sauvignon from Sonoma County is all about dark fruits, with aromas of blackberry, black cherry and plum. Sweet spice, caramel and vanilla come through on the palate for a velvety texture that’s balanced by soft tannins and medium acidity. Read more…

2) 30 Miles Cabernet Sauvignon

30 miles cabernet sauvignon

This Cabernet Sauvignon is sourced from Napa Valley in California and it shows. It’s a medium to full-bodied red with aromas of cassis, dark cherry, blackberry and leather. And on the palate, you’ll find flavors of black plum, vanilla, dark chocolate, and earth complemented by silky tannins and well-integrated acidity. Read more…

3) Quarter Cut Bourbon Barrel Cabernet Sauvignon

quarter cut cabernet sauvignon

This California Cabernet Sauvignon is aged in American bourbon barrels, giving it a rich, smooth and pleasant flavors. And on the nose you get aromas of dark berries, tobacco, and oak with hints of vanilla and toast. Read more…

Best White Wines at ALDI

4) Sunshine Bay Sauvignon Blanc

Sunshine bay sauvignon blanc best aldi wine

From the famous Marlborough region in New Zealand, this white wine is exactly what you want for a crisp and refreshing wine.

On the nose you get lively aromas of passion fruit, fresh cut grass, citrus zest, and melon while on the palate it’s light-bodied with flavors of lemon, green apple, lychee, grapefruit and minerality. Again, just a fresh, dry, and easy drinking white wine. 


5) Landshut Riesling

landshut riesling best aldi wine

I would say the best wine on this list! Because this German Riesling shows classic characteristics of the grape, with aromas and flavors of ripe green apple, apricot, peach, citrus and floral notes. And on the palate is refreshingly crisp yet nicely balanced by sweetness.

6) Hwy5 Chardonnay

hwy5 chardonnay

For around $5, this California Chardonnay is a great choice if you’re looking for an oaked Chardonnay. On the nose you’ll get aromas of toasted oak, tropical fruits and roasted nuts. The palate is rich with flavors of pineapple, tart apples, citrus, and hints of oak and vanilla. And it has a creamy smooth palate which is nicely balanced by fresh acidity.

Food Pairing: Pair this one up with shellfish, chicken dishes, and creamy pastas.  

Best Sparkling Wines at ALDI

7) Belletti Prosecco

Belletti Prosecco

This Prosecco from Italy is bright and crisp with aromas of lemon, white peach, green apple and honeysuckle. On the palate it’s light-bodied with flavors of lemon zest, pear, apple and a hint of jasmine. 

8) Giambellino Peach Bellini

Giambellino Peach Bellini

For the perfect brunch cocktail, look no further than Italy’s beloved sparkly white wine and peach juice blend. Not only is this combination popular and enjoyable, but it can also be effortlessly prepared for you in this wine!

On the nose you get aromas of white flowers, peach jam, and sweet melon. On the palate it’s light and has refreshing citrus notes, but it also has sweet flavors of ripe peaches and honey. 

Best Rosé Wines at ALDI

9) Belletti Sparkling Moscato Rosé

Belletti Sparkling Moscato Rosé

This sparkling Rosé is almost too pretty to drink. On the nose it has aromas of citrus, strawberries, cherries, rose petals, and honey with a touch of cotton candy.

And on the palate is light-bodied and sweet but also vibrant and well balanced by acidity. Good for parties that need a simple, sweet, and colorful sparkling wine.

10) Exquisite Collection Rosé

Exquisite Collection Rosé best aldi wine

For ~$8, this dry Rosé is another one of the best choices you can get at ALDI. Also a great accompaniment to summer nights. On the nose you get lovely aromas of pink grapefruit, raspberry, and citrus while on the palate it’s fresh and lively with flavors of watermelon, tart fruits, and mineral notes.

Best Sweet Wines at ALDI

11) Pacific Fruit Sweet Pineapple Wine

pacific fruit vineyards pineapple wine

If you are looking for a sweet wine or a sweet juice with alcohol, this is for you! This sweet, fruity wine has aromas of pineapple juice, honeydew melon, and hint of flower. On the palate it’s medium to full-bodied and creamy with flavors of tropical fruits, honey, and cotton candy. 

12) Moiselle Moscato

moiselle moscato

Another sweet Moscato from California is light, fruity and fragrant. On the nose you get aromas of ripe peaches, apple, apricots, and honey. The palate is off-dry with flavors of peach cobbler, honeydew melon, and a hint of lime zest.

For under $5, if you are looking for good, cheap, and sweet wine, this is unbeatable!


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