21 Best Wine Decanters for 2023: Recommended and Reviewed

best wine decanter

Do you like wine? If so, you need a good wine decanter at home. 

And here are some other questions you probably have encountered in regards to wine decanters:

  • Should you decant wine or not?
  • Is a wine decanter worth buying?
  • Do I need to decant white wine? 
  • How do you pick a good wine decanter?

Well, we are going to answer all these questions and more! We’ve done the research for you! There are a lot of wine decanters on the market these days. So in this post, we will recommend the 21 best wine decanters on the market.

We will consider both budget-friendly options and more expensive ones. We’ll base our reviews on features, pros, and cons. We will break them down based on price (under $100 and over $100). 

So whether you’re looking for an affordable wine decanter or an expensive piece of art, we’ve got you covered!

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What Are The Best Wine Decanters Under $100?

We independently select and recommend the best products. So when you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Prices are subject to change by sellers at anytime 

1) Riedel Cabernet Decanter

riedel cabernet decanter

This beautiful wine decanter is machine-blown crystal and is designed for a single bottle of wine. Made by one of the largest and well-liked wine glass companies in the world. 

It is a simple and elegant decanter that fits nicely on a tabletop. And it also features a wide bowl that allows for aeration, and it’s dishwasher safe.


  • Machine-blown crystal
  • Classic, simple and elegant design
  • Affordable red wine decanter


  • Smaller in size but the fits a full bottle of standard sized wine

2) Waterfall Decanter


Waterfall decanter is made from lead-free glass. This wine device aerates and decants a whole bottle of standard sized wine in under two (2) minutes with a spectacular, hands-free waterfall.


  • Made from lead-free glass
  • Aerates the wine in less than 2 minutes
  • Serve wine from the decanter straight.
  • A cascading wine effect that is both cool and dramatic.
  • Affordable, simple, and easy to use


  • It’s a very simple shape that may not go with your design style.

3) Ultima Classic Decanter

The Ultima Classic Decanter is a beautifully designed and well-crafted traditional wine decanter. It’s made of lead-free glass and has a classic design that will look great on any tabletop.

The large base exposes the wine to more surface area and oxygen, allowing it to fully develop. The indentation on the bottom (punt) allows for precise, one-handed pouring by offering a place to wrap your middle finger around for a solid grip.

One of the best wine decanters on the market for wine lovers.


  • Mouthblown from lead-free glass
  • Classic design with slanted top for drip-free pouring
  • Deep, wide punt for easy handling


  • Wide base shape may be harder to store

4) Stolzle Vulkanos Fire Decanter Large

The Stolzle Vulkanos Fire Decanter Large is a beautiful and unique wine decanter. It’s made of lead-free crystal and features a fire-polished rim. The wide base aerates wine faster, while the narrow neck makes it easy to pour wine. 

A fire tempering procedure is used to toughen and extend the life of the 100% lead-free decanter.


  • Fire-polished rim
  • Wide base for aeration
  • Narrow neck for easy pouring


  • Because it’s a little larger, it may be harder to store.

5) Omni Wine Aerator and Citadel Decanter Set by Vintorio

The Omni Wine Aerator and Citadel Decanter Set is a great choice for those who want both an aerator and a decanter.

The set includes a Vintorio wine aerator to place on top of the Citadel glass decanter can help speed up the decanting process. Vintorio is a well-know brand for wine aerators. 

The Omni combines the aeration effects of traditional decanter funnels with contemporary aerators to create a hybrid design. 

And the red wine decanter is made of lead-free glass and has a classic design.


  • Set includes a wine aerator and a decanter
  • Affordable price tag for the wine decanter set
  • Made by a well-known brand


  • If you are looking for just a decanter, this set comes with an aerator

6) Riedel Performance Series Decanter

Riedel has created the Performance Series, which features a unique optical effect. And it uses one of the most cutting-edge glass on the market. Optical blown glass is used in a machine-made item with a straightforward shape.


  • Creates a delicate rippling effect in the glass
  • Matches the Performance Series stemware
  • Lead-free crystal decanter
  • Lightweight, durable, and dishwasher safe


  • Smaller size only fits one bottle of wine

7) Spiegelau Authentis Decanter

The Spiegelau Decanter is made of lead-free sparkling crystal construction and modern design. It has a classic design and is dishwasher safe. 

Spiegelau is a well-known brand by wine lovers that has decades of experience in glassware design. 


  • Lead-free brilliant crystal
  • Made by a reliable, well-known brand
  • Dishwasher safe and durable
  • Long, slender neck


  • Opening is a bit small so cleaning can be a challenge

8) Nambe Decanter

Nambe decanter is a modern design with a sleek shape. The Vie Decanter’s square, glass body and rounded, wood stopper give it a look-standout.

The wood stopper is designed to fit snugly in the neck of the decanter, preventing wine from spilling. It’s just a museum quality design!


  • Sleek, modern design
  • Wooden stopper prevents spilling
  • Versatile – for any liquid, it’s ideal.


  • Relatively high price

9) GoodGlassware Wine Decanter

goodglassware wine decanter

Vintorio GoodGlassware wine decanter is a recycled glass wine decanter that has a timeless and classic design. This is a simple and hassle-free wine decanter that can be used on a daily basis. The wide opening makes it easy to clean.


  • Holds 44 Ounces
  • Very affordable 
  • Break-resistant, dishwasher safe, and made of lead-free recycled glass.
  • Heavyweight base and punt for better aeration
  • Wide opening makes it easy to clean


  • It’s said to be delicate by a few users.
  • Smaller size than expected

10) Nutriups Wine Decanter with Stopper

The Snail Pierced design is a conversation starter for your visitors. The hollow circular form is naturally a handle that provides a firm grip, making it simpler to pour and clean.

This set also includes a cork ball stopper and cleaning brush, which are both excellent complements to wine decanters and carafes.


  • Set includes cork stopper and cleaning brush
  • 100% Lead-free, hand blown crystal
  • Hollow circular form provide a natural handle
  • Conversation piece with cork ball stopper


  • A few reviews claim it chips easily
  • The brush is adequate, but it isn’t very effective at cleaning.

11) Le Chateau Wine Decanter

Le Chateau wine decanter

The Le Chateau wine decanter is lead-free, hand-blown wine decanter has a contemporary, elegant style that brightens your room. 

And Le Chateau is one of the most purchased best wine decanters on Amazon.


  • Elegant, sleek and classic design
  • Large surface area
  • Hand blown crystal


  • Relatively higher price
  • Some reviews claim poor quality

12) Godinger Wine Decanter

Godinger Dublin wine decanter

One of the most popular wine decanters on Amazon. The sleek, classic lead-free crystal design decanter has a carefully constructed slanted top that makes pouring a pleasure. #1 seller for wine decanters on Amazon.


  • Very affordable 
  • Classic design
  • Lead-free crystal
  • Easy to clean


  • Smaller size than expected 

13) YouYah Wine Decanter Set

YouYah Wine Decanter Set or onearf wine decanter

The bottle stopper has the newest waterfall pouring mechanism, which provides a larger surface area for the wine to contact with air. The decanter’s design not only ensures aerating wine efficiency, but also displays its creative flair. 

The decanter is a device that combines the features of decanting, filtration, and pouring into one


  • Unique iceberg design bottom of decanter
  • Includes wine accessories: Aerator filter, decanter cleaning beads, and drying stand
  • 100% Hand blown lead-free crystal red wine decanter


  • A few reviews suggest poor quality

14) Mini Decanter Set of 2

These versatile glass decanters are ideal for wine, snack mixes, and even flower vases. But if used for wine, it frankly does the job! And for a set of 2 for $12, it the most inexpensive on this list.

I know this is very basic and not one of the crystal decanters on the list, but this will decant wines.


  • Extremely Affordable
  • Used as vases for flowers or as a water carafe


  • Most of the time, however, may not be used as a decanter for wine.

What Are The Best Luxury Wine Decanters?

15) Riedel Ultra

Riedel Ultra Decanter is the latest design in decanting. It has a unique, ergonomic shape that is comfortable to hold and allows for a smooth pour. The enormous wide base increases the contact surface area with the air, providing better aeration. 

Made of lead-free crystal it is perhaps the best wine decanter on the market for their classic design.  


  • Gorgeous, streamlined, classic design
  • Wide base for increased surface area
  • Capacity is 43 3/8 ounces and the height is 8 3/8 inches
  • Made by Riedel with beautiful lead free crystal
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Hand Washing Recommended

16) Ullo Wine Purifier with Hand Blown Decanter Set

Ullo wine decanter is a simple and minimalist design with a unique touch. Ullo removes just the synthetic sulfites from red wines and white wines, leaving all of the natural components that make each wine unique. 

The secret to Ullo’s purification is Selective Sulfite filtering technology, which is the only sulfite filter that won’t change your wine’s natural chemistry.


  • Minimalist and simple design
  • Unique sulfite filtering technology
  • Wide base for increased surface area
  • 100% lead-free
  • Disassembles easily for dishwasher use


  • You have to buy replacement filters

17) Waterford Elegance Tempo

Waterford Elegance Tempo decanter is a conversational art piece. This has a flawlessly contemporary style and feel that is absolutely unique when it comes to appreciating exquisite decanters. 

The tubular design is dramatically beautiful and dramatic, with undulating curves that provide both practical value and aesthetic appeal.


  • Hand-blown lead free, thin glass
  • Conversational art piece for your dining table
  • Easy to hold and pouring wine


  • Hand Wash Only

18) Riedel Winewings

Just look at it! Riedel Swan decanter is a work of art. 

The design is inspired by the aerodynamic shape of airplane wings, which allows for a smooth and fast pour. The decanter is made of lead-free crystal and has a capacity of 26 ounces

The Swan style decanter is the best wine decanter to have as a conversation piece during your dinner parties. 


  • Lead-free crystal decanter
  • Aerodynamic design for a smooth pour to reach anyone at the table
  • Capacity of 26 ounces
  • Conversational piece with soaring height and a slimmer design
  • Stands almost 2 ft tall


  • Expensive
  • Hand washing only

19) Riedel Amadeo

red wine decanters

Riedel Amadeo Decanter is a beautifully designed and inspired decanter. It is made of lead-free crystal and has a capacity of 45 ounces.

The Amadeo’s design was inspired with the same elegant form as a harp. This U-shape then serves as a handle for pouring the wine into wine glasses out through the narrower opening.

Another work of art and conversational piece created by Riedel. Perfect for your home bar. 


  • Mouth-blown lead-free quality crystal
  • Sensual design that is inspired by the curves of the human body
  • Capacity of 45 ounces
  • Dishwasher Safe


  • Expensive

20) Italesse Vinocchio Decanter Clear Base Set

Italesse Vinocchio Decanter is a handcrafted, lead-free decanter. The design is inspired by the classic children’s story character, Pinocchio.

The clear base allows you to see the wine as it aerates and the long neck provides a slow and steady pour. Just another beautiful conversational piece, perfect for your tabletop or home bar.


  • Hand blown non lead crystal glass
  • Makes a stunning, classy centerpiece for your table
  • Unique design inspired by Pinocchio
  • Slanted spout allows for easy wine pours and ergonomic structure making it easy to handle
  • Included clear base so you can see favorite wine as it aerates


  • Does it fit your design aesthetic?

21) Riedel Horn Decanter Black & White

The Post Horn, an elegant instrument that has been used in symphonies since Austria’s early horse-drawn carriage mail service, was employed to announce their arrival.

The origins of this beautiful decanter are reflected in the black and white striped interior. A stunningly beautiful crystal wine decanter!


  • Mouth-blown with lead-free crystal decanter
  • Conversational art piece
  • Classy, elegant, with dramatic stripe of black and white
  • Inspired by history, the Post Horn


  • Difficult to clean
  • Expensive

What is a Decanter?

A decanter is a container, typically made of glass or crystal, used to hold and serve wine. Decanters vary in shape and size, but most have a wide base and a long neck. Some are plain while others are ornately designed. They can be used for both red wines and white wines. 

Decanters are used to hold wine so that it can aerate before being served. This allows the wine to breathe and opens up its flavor. Decanters can also be used to serve wine that has already been aerated.

Is a Wine Decanter Worth Buying?

That depends on your needs and budget. And it does help your drinking wine experience. 

If you want a decanter to aerate your wine, then a cheaper option would to be just use any container (like a vase or anything to pour wine into to let it breathe) might be best for you.

But if you are looking for a beautiful, hand-crafted decanter that can also serve as a conversational piece, then something like the Riedel Winewings Decanter would be a better option. No matter what your needs, there is sure to be a wine decanter that fits them.

How Do You Pick a Good Wine Decanter?

best wine decanter (1)

When selecting the best wine decanter for you, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. First, consider the size of the decanter. It should be large enough to hold the entire bottle of wine, but not so large that it is difficult to pour from.
  2. Second, think about the shape of the decanter. Some have a wide base while others have a long, thin neck. The shape should be based on your personal preference.
  3. Finally, consider the price and quality of the decanter. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a good wine decanter, but you should select one that is made from high-quality glass or crystal.

What are the Best Features of a Wine Decanter?

There are many features to consider when purchasing a wine decanter. The most important are the material it is made of, its size, and its design. It is also important to consider how the decanter will be used.

  • If you plan to use it primarily for aerating your red wine, then you should look for one with a wide base and a long neck. 
  • If you plan to use it primarily for serving wine, then you should look for one with a slanted spout for pouring wine and an ergonomic design.
  • And if you are looking for a conversational piece, then you should look for one with a unique or elegant design that fits your aesthetic.

How Do You Use a Decanter?

wine decanter

To use a decanter, simply pour the entire wine bottle into the container. Before serving in a wine glass, allow the wine to sit for a few minutes to hours so that it can aerate. You can then pour the wine into glasses or serve directly from the decanter.

What are the Benefits of Using a Decanter?

The benefits of using a decanter to decant wine include improved flavor and aroma, as well as a more elegant presentation. Decanting wine allows it to breathe, which brings out its best flavors and aromas. When serving wine from a decanter, you can also avoid sediment that may be present in the bottle of wine.

Do All Wines Benefit from Being Decanted?

No, not all wines benefit from being decanted. In general, young wines with high tannin levels will benefit from decanting. And older mature red wines that have been aged for a longer period of time in the bottle should be decanted to remove the sediments.

And as for white wine, most of the time you don’t need to decant it. There is no set rule about decanting or not. In certain cases, it can aid in the rounding of a young wine.

So really it’s entirely up to you whether or not you want to decant red wines or white wines.


In conclusion, the best wine decanters are those that fit your needs and budget

There are many factors to consider when selecting a wine decanter, including size, shape, material, and price. 

Decanting wine can improve its flavor and aroma, so it is important to select a decanter that is large enough to hold the whole bottle of wine. When serving red wine from a decanter, you can also avoid sediment that may be present in the bottle. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go out and find the best wine decanter for you. 

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