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best wine with pizza

Quick Answer: 1st choice would be a Montepulciano, known as the pizza pairing wine! I would recommend pairing your pizza with a Zinfandel if you prefer red wine, or a Dry Riesling if you prefer white wine. And when in doubt, a sparkling wine always makes for a good pairing!

For every pizza, we are giving a white and red wine pairing option. Because we want to give you more options!

best wine with pizza

What Is The Best Wine Pairing With Pizza?

If you could only choose one wine pairing with many different types of pizza, Montepulciano wine is hands-down the best choice for a pizza pairing. Whether you’re enjoying a classic Margherita or something more unique, Montepulciano pairs nicely and brings out the flavors of the pizza.

This is because Montepulciano has juicy, fruit flavors and moderate acidity that accentuates the intense taste of tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and fresh basil and herbs. And it also stands up to heavier, spicier toppings like sausage and olives.

Montepulciano is always a sure bet when choosing what wine to pair with pizza night – it’s an effortlessly versatile wine option that will be sure to complement all types of pies!

What Are The Best Wines For Every Type of Pizza?

We list every type of delicious pizza and give you wine pairings with a red wine and a white wine:

Pick a Pizza

Pepperoni Pizza

pepperoni pizza

Red: Pair with Zinfandel or Syrah. Spice and peppery is how you can describe the taste of both pepperoni and Syrah and Zinfandel. So, if you already enjoy pepperoni pizza, you probably like the spice and pepper. So, just double down with the wine. 

White: Not many white wines have enough structure to hold their flavors against pepperoni. But try a nice Prosecco. It pairs well with cured meats and will cut through the spicy meatiness of pepperoni.

Margherita Pizza

margherita pizza

Red: Choose light reds like Chianti to highlight the pizza’s tangy tomato sauce and fragrant basil. Medium-bodied red wines like Sangiovese will also work well and won’t overpower the simple and classic Margherita pizza flavors.

White: Medium-bodied whites like Pinot Grigio are refreshing and zesty and will highlight the tomato sauce on your Margherita pizza. Try a dry Rose as well to brighten the entire meal, light enough to heighten the delicate basil flavor but still has a slight grip against the acidity of the sauce.

Meat Lover's Pizza

Red: Meat lover’s is like a steak dish. And it will pair well with any full-bodied wine with expressive tannins. So, California Cabernet is a good fit for the intense meaty flavors of a meat lover pizza. Why? It’s a rich and complex red wine, and its elevated tannins will match the meat’s fattiness very well. And the fruit forwardness of this wine gives an undeniable flavor combination with all sorts of red meat.

White: Look for whites with good acidity and tannin content to balance the richness of the meat. Sparkling wine can cuts through fatty meats well. Choose something full-bodied and smoky with natural acidity like oaked Chardonnay to support the meat’s richness.


Red: Bolder red wines work perfectly with rich meats like sausage and pepperoni and flavor intensities of bell peppers. Fruit forward reds like Merlot can also add an exciting flavor for all the savory ingredients. And Syrah can add a touch of spice to the pizza as well. 

White: Try Sauvignon Blanc, refreshingly crisp and has enough acidity to balance rich cheesy and meaty flavors.

Cheese Pizza

cheese pizza

Red: Pair it with medium-bodied red wines like Grenache or Syrah. They will perfectly complement the hearty and acidic tomato sauce in a standard cheese pizza with just enough tannins to cleanse your palate. Plus, the acidic red wines can offset the buttery cheese.

White: Chardonnay will bring out the creaminess of the cheese pizza. A crisp and refreshing white like Sauvignon Blanc will also heighten the simplicity of the red sauce + cheese pizzas. 

Hawaiian Pizza

Hawaiian pizza

Red: Pair with Lambrusco or Merlot. Choose Lambrusco for the sweetness, while the very fruit-forward California Merlot will bring out the sweetness of the pineapple.

White: Riesling goes well with a lot of foods. For a Hawaiian pizza with the sweetness of pineapple and the saltiness of the ham, a Riesling will work well because of the combination of sweetness and acid!

Vegetarian/Mushroom Pizza

vegetarian pizza

Red: Choose light reds that can heighten the flavors and aromas of the veggies but without overpowering them. South American Cabernet Franc can bring out or add some freshness, herbal, and green flavors to a vegetarian pizza. For a mushroom pizza, choose a Pinot Noir. Because the earthy notes of the Pinot Noir will always pair well with mushrooms.

White: Pair with a Rose or an Old-World Sauvignon Blanc (green, bell pepper flavors). Chardonnay, or if you’re feeling slightly adventurous, choose a sparkling Prosecco. These light, easy-going, and fruity white wines will add a slight acidity to the herbal flavors of your veggie pizza.

White Pizza

Red: A light red wine like Pinot Noir from Burgundy has a relatively low tannin, which is perfect for a simple white pizza. Plus, it will add flavors of fruit and bright acidity to your meal.

White: Choose fresh and dry white wines. Less acidic and lighter pizzas will pair well with a crisp Sauvignon Blanc. But if you like a play to the creaminess of the pizza, choose full-bodied whites. You can pair white pizza with Chardonnay if you want to bring out the creaminess of the white sauce.


In order to find the perfect wine and pizza pairing, you need to do the research and find it yourself. Everyone has different taste profiles. 

To put it simply, pick your favorite bottle of wine and pair it with your favorite pizza. See if their flavor matches, then go from there. It’s a fun process!

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