Cecilia Beretta Prosecco Review

cecilia beretta prosecco

Cecilia Beretta is run as a separate venture by Pasqua. Established in 1980 by Umberto, Riccardo, and Alessandro Pasqua, the vineyards are found in Valpolicella and Soave which have acres filled with prime limestone-rich soils.

The Cecilia Beretta Prosecco is a sparkling wine that is light and refreshing with a citrus aroma and flavor. Aside from this wine, Cecilia Beretta also offers the Rose Prosecco which is equally as good compared to their standard Prosecco wine. Both of these wines are under $10 and extremely popular at Trader Joe’s.

So if you’re looking for a cheap and refreshening sparkling wine that you can drink every day or serve at your parties, these wines should be at the top of your list.

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Where is Cecilia Beretta Prosecco Produced?

Cecilia Beretta Prosecco is produced in the Veneto wine region of Italy. More specifically it is located in Verona, Italy. It’s famous for being the setting of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet.”

My Cecilia Beretta Prosecco Review

The Cecilia Beretta Prosecco has a pale lemon-green color with lots of bubbles. It’s light, refreshing, and dry with bright acidity. It’s a great value sparkling wine that costs around $8-$9.

Additionally, this wine is perfect for mimosas, bellinis, or other cocktails. It’s the perfect wine to buy in large quantities to serve at your parties or large group gatherings.

I bought a couple of bottles of Cecilia Beretta Prosecco for my last family gathering. I found it a perfect pairing with our heavy pasta dishes. And everyone loved the bubbly, from my mom who doesn’t drink wine at all to my brother in law who is a wine fanatic.

I definitely recommend this to anyone who’s looking for a great wine to have with wine beginners and wine enthusiasts.


The Cecilia Beretta Prosecco has a delicate fruit aroma with a hint of sweet almonds. I can smell the green apple, lemon, melon, and green pear.

cecilia beretta Prosecco taste profile


On the palate, I can definitely taste the green apple, lemon, and peach. The wine is fresh, has a medium body, has medium acidity, and is a little fizzy. It’s not too sweet, crisp, and well-balanced for a sparkling wine.


It’s fresh on the palate and has a long finish. It’s dry and there’s definitely, for me, a hint of sweetness to the wine. Overall, the Cecilia Beretta Prosecco is refreshing, easy to drink, and has full fruity flavors.

WineO Mark Rating

Cecilia Beretta Prosecco

Highly Recommend for Sparkling Wine Drinkers
92 Points
  • Quality Price Ratio: A
  • Taste: A-
Great value

Where to Buy?

The Cecilia Beretta Prosecco and Prosecco Rose are only available at Trader Joe’s. However, since it’s one of the most popular sparkling wines in the store, you may often see it sold out. 


Who is Cecilia Beretta?

Cecilia Beretta is a family-run wine estate established in 1980, and it’s located in Verona, Italy. Currently, the company also has a family member named Cecilia, who is the business development manager of the winery. 

Is Prosecco A Wine or Champagne?

Prosecco is considered an Italian sparkling wine. It’s very floral and aromatic with frothy bubbles. Champagne is a sparkling wine from the Champagne region of France. Both wines are made with different grapes, terroirs, and winemaking methods. Read this article, for more info on the differences between Prosecco vs Champagne.

Is Prosecco Healthier Than Wine?

Prosecco is a better diet option compared to other red and white wines because it has low sugar and calories. This is perfect for people who want to have a “not too sweet” sparkling wine without feeling guilty.

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