Our Case Study - Best Way to Buy Wine Online?

Getting WineO Mark Alerts is the BEST and easiest way to find wine to buy online. 

And best of all, it’s FREE!

We wanted to show you exactly what we do because nobody else is doing this. The easiest way to demonstrate this is to compare with how the typical person would normally go about buying wine.

How do you normally buy wine? Let's run a TEST!

austin hope cabernet

To start with we’ll need to choose one specific wine to shop for and compare. Already this can be a tough choice for a lot of consumers because they don’t know what’s a good choice.

But you can rest assured knowing that we only send out WineO Alerts on really great tasting wine

Let’s go with the Austin Hope Cabernet Sauvignon from Paso Robles, California. Btw, this is one of my favorite Paso Robles wine and it has a 4.5 Vivino score!

Option #1: Head to the Wine Store

CHOICE #1: Total Wine 

Total Wine is many people’s first choice when buying wine because it’s one of the largest and most well known wine retailers in the US. They definitely have one of the best overall selections of wine at their shops and they’re usually quite accessible with many locations all over the country.

As you can see below, the person who goes to Total Wine can purchase the bottle for:


CHOICE #2 (or #1 for some people): Costco 

While not known specifically for wine, Costco is actually the #1 largest wine retailer in the US. They generally have great prices for wines and it’s easy to grab some bottles when shopping for groceries!

As you can see below, the person who goes to Costco can purchase the bottle for: 


CHOICE #3 Local Wine Shop

Maybe you don’t live close to a large wine retailer or maybe you prefer the atmosphere of a local shop, either way a local wine store is still the preferred way to buy wine for many. Mainly because it’s close and convenient to your home. 

As you can see below, the person who goes to the local wine store (we’re using Central Perk Wines in NYC for example) can purchase the bottle for:



Option #2: Buy Wine Online

CHOICE #1 – Wine.com 

Wine.com is the largest online wine retailer with the broadest selection of wine. Basically, if you google any bottle they will show up organically or as an Ad as the first site to buy the wine.

As you can see below, the person who goes to Wine.com can purchase the bottle for $57.99 plus $14.65 (shipping fee) for a total of:


CHOICE #2: Another online wine retailer –

There are numerous online wine retailers. Just googling any bottle will bring up a long list of websites where you can purchase the wine.


As you can see below, the person who goes to uses another online wine store (in this case a third party store selling through Vivino) can purchase the bottle for $39.99 plus $15.00 (shipping fee) for a total of:


Unless you spend over $150, then the shipping is FREE. So you would need to purchase 4 bottles with a total of:

$159.96 for 4 bottles*

* When buying wines online, you must meet the minimum criteria to get FREE Shipping (in this case min. $150 spend) In order to get the best price.

SO RECAP for this wine:

Costco is a good Offline Option

And Vivino is a good Online Option.

BUT they are NOT the BEST option.

*Each wine has unique pricing and different sites give better deals for different wines at different times!* 


So what do we do? We simply find the BEST price!

1) We hunt everywhere online and offline for the best prices. And most importantly ONLY for the great-tasting wines!

2) Then we send you the deal via email with where and how to get the best discount.

*We’ll give you buying tips on timing (flash deals need to be bought ASAP), or discount codes that can be applied, and bundling for free shipping* – Read More Here

3) YOU CHOOSE to buy or not. We just send you the deals.

4) If you like the deal and you want the wine, ENJOY!


We found this Austin Hope Cabernet Sauvignon selling at:


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