How to Open a Wine Bottle Without a Corkscrew?

How to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew

We have all been there. We bring the wine for our picnic, beach party, etc. – but we forgot to bring the wine opener! What should we do now? So here is how to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew…

Well, no need to fret yet. Here are some options on how to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew.

But before we get into them, you can always ask the neighbor or just stop by the store – because to open a wine bottle with a wine opener is always best and the easiest and safest option. 

For any of these methods, it’s always key to be safe. You will be using some force to pull, push, and angle the bottle. Things may spill, and accidents may happen!

So, be safe and use gloves, if possible, and have a towel handy.

Also, we’ve tried all these options before, but remember, all wine bottles are different. Some bottles are more difficult to open than others. So, always have patience as sometimes, it may be really difficult to crack open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew opener.

How to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew

6 Ways to Open a Bottle of Wine

1. Use a lighter

Here’s a little experiment – but it really works too!

Apply heat to the neck of the bottle, just right below the bottom of the cork, using a lighter. Turn the bottle around the light to heat it up evenly and wait for the air to expand and push the cork outwards. Do it for at least a minute, and the cork should pop right out so, be careful!

2. Get a Screw, Screwdriver, and a Fork

A screw is an ingenious way to wiggle out the cork out of the bottle if you don’t have a corkscrew opener. You just need a screwdriver and a fork (or a hammer) to pull the cork out.

Get any screw lying around, the longer, the better! Screw it into the cork using your screwdriver – much like what you do with a corkscrew opener. Then, use a fork or a backside of the hammer to pull the cork out. Mission complete!

3. Use Your Car Keys

Your car keys work much like the screw method above, but the secret? You need to insert the key at a 45-degree angle so it doesn’t cut through the cork. Once you plunge the key into the cork at a slight angle, slowly twist the cork while pulling it slightly at the same time. After a couple of rotations, it should start coming out of the bottle.

But be extra careful when pulling the cork out, or it could crumble.  This was one of the more difficult methods for us. 

4. Use a Bike Pump

Do you have a bike pump handy?

It’s simple, really: insert the attached needle at the center of the cork, piercing all the way through the other end. Make sure the needle reaches the air between the wine and the cork, then gently pump your bottle with air.

The air pressure will push the cork upward, and once it’s pushed enough, you can pull the cork out with your hand.

5. Use Your Trusty Shoe – Any Kind Works!

This option is good for when you have no other resources available. You can use your shoe, whatever kind of you have on or nearby works. You just need one with a rigid bottom to tap the cork out of the bottle.

Put the bottle of wine inside the shoe – the bottom of the bottle should be resting where your heel normally rests. Tap it against the wall while holding the bottle against the shoe. Do it a couple of times until the cork starts pushing outwards.

The key is to go slowly, applying gentle tapping force. Don’t wait for the cork to get fully out of the bottle, or the wine will spill! Once it’s pushed out enough, remove the cork by hand.

6. Just Push the Cork Down

Perhaps the simplest way to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew is by simply pushing the cork inside the wine bottle with a spoon handle or anything similar. It’s a pretty safe and easiest method than any of what I mentioned above.

Plus, it won’t damage the wine, although it does have one downside – you’ll have the cork floating inside as you enjoy the wine!

This method is a good option if you plan to finish the entire bottle of wine in one sitting. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be any way to cover the wine and avoid spoiling it. Unfortunately, it’s a bit impossible to remove the cork once you’ve pushed it inside. On top of that, you need to be extra careful when pushing the cork as it may crumble, and you don’t want pieces of it in your wine.

Not recommended for use with older bottles of wine!


This is where you’d think getting a wine bottle with screwcaps is far easier than dealing with a wine bottle without a corkscrew insight, and it’s not a bad option! Before, screwcaps were often only used for cheap bottles of wine or for New Zealand wines.

But there are now quite a few premium wineries worldwide using screwcaps. Wines are now even sold in individual glasses, bottles, and CANS! They are far easier to open, and no need to worry about forgetting to bring a corkscrew opener.

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