Is Pinot Grigio Sweet? A Guide to the Popular White Wine

is pinot grigio sweet

This may be the first question that many wine beginners and lovers ask when they are looking to purchase a bottle of white wine.

Pinot Grigio is one of the most popular white wines on the market, and there are a variety of different brands and styles to choose from. And the Pinot Gris grape is a cross between the Pinot Noir and Pinot Blanc grapes.

In this post, we will provide you with a guide to understanding Pinot Grigio and answer the question: Is Pinot Grigio sweet? 

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Is Pinot Grigio Sweet Or Dry?

The straightforward answer is that Pinot Grigio wines are typically dry, meaning they are NOT a sweet wine.

But the real answer to this question is that Pinot Grigio and Pinot Gris can be either sweet wine or dry wine. The flavor of Pinot Grigio can range from dry to sweet, depending on the grapes that are used and the winemaking process. 

The dry version of Pinot Grigio is more tart, while the sweet version is more fruity. 

Wine Sweetness Chart

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Types of Pinot Grigio: Dry to Sweet Wines

In general, Pinot grigio wines from cooler climates tend to be crisper and more mineral-driven, while those from warmer climates are more fruity and approachable.  

Below are the 3 different types of Pinot Grigio taste profiles:

Dry and Mineral

pinot grigio wine countries

Pinot grigio grapes are light-skinned. And they produce a dry wine that is mineral-tasting. These wines come from the northern Italian regions of Alto Adige and Friuli.

Austria, Germany, Slovenia, and Switzerland produces this wine in smaller quantities.

The Pinot Grigio wines made in these cooler climates tend to be lighter in body with higher acidity levels.

With these wines, you will get a lot of mineral and salt characteristics. But they also have aromas and flavors of citrus fruits, green apple, and stone fruits. Enjoy these wines young and fresh!

Dry and Fruit

pinot grigio fruit forward countries

The term “Pinot Gris” is used by many wineries to describe a more fruit-forward wine. These types of Pinot Grigios come from warm regions. New World versions are often more fruit-forward, smoother, and approachable.

Sweet and Fruit

pinot gris countries cabernet sauvignon

The Alsace region makes the sweetest style of Pinot Gris wines. And these types of sweet white wine are called Vendanges Tardives or Sélection de Grains Nobles.

They are made from grapes that have been affected by Noble Rot, which is a type of fungus that dehydrates the Pinot Grigio grape and concentrates the sugars.

These wines are very sweet, with aromas and flavors of honey, apples, apricots, and peaches. And best enjoyed with dessert or as an aperitif wine. 

pinot gris vs pinot grigio

Pinot Grigio vs Sauvignon Blanc

If you’re trying to decide between a Pinot Grigio and a Sauvignon Blanc, it can be tricky to know what sets these two wines apart. Both are light-bodied white wines with refreshing acidity. But the similarities end there… 

  • Most Pinot Grigio wines are typically lighter bodied than Sauvignon Blanc. It has a lower alcohol content and is typically less expensive. However Sauvignon Blancs have now become so popular that there are many affordable choices available.
  • Sauvignon Blanc, on the other hand, is usually more full-bodied with a higher alcohol content. It also has a higher acidity level, which gives it a crisp, refreshing taste.

When it comes to flavor, Pinot Grigio is typically more light and fruity, while Sauvignon Blanc is more grassy and herbal. 

Is Pinot Grigio Similar To Pinot Gris?

While Pinot Grigio and Pinot Gris are made from the same grape, but they can be seen as two different styles of wine.

Pinot Gris is typically a richer, fruit-forward, and more full-bodied wine, while Pinot Grigio refers to a lighter, more refreshing wine with mineral notes.

And the flavors of Pinot Gris can range from dry to sweet wine, while Pinot Grigio typically produce dry wines.

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