Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial Champagne - WineO Mark Review

Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial

Wine Stats

  • Grape Variety: 40-50% Pinot Noir, 30-40% Pinot Meunier, 10-20% Chardonnay

  • Vintage: Non-Vintage

  • ABV: 12%

  • Wine Region: Champagne, France

  • Flavor Profile: Apple, peach, citrus, mint, and ginger

  • Average Price: $60 – $70

WineO Mark Review

This wine has a deep gold color on the glass with brilliant amber highlights. It has an intense aroma filled with guavas, mangoes, raspberries, and grapefruit with notes of nectarine, ginger, and mint leaves.

This wine is medium-bodied with refreshing acidity with juicy sweet flavors. It’s a semi-sweet, smooth wine that’s well-structured with a long finish. You can taste some pink grapefruits, strawberries, mangoes, citrus, and ginger notes.

WineO Mark Rating

Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial Champagne

Highly Recommend for Sweet Sparkling Wine Drinkers
93 Points
  • Quality Price Ratio: B
  • Taste: A

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