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No matter what your favorite dessert is, there’s a wine that will pair perfectly with it. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the best wine pairings for some of the most popular desserts

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#1 WineO Tip For Pairing Desserts

#1 rule – If you are pairing sweet wines with sweet desserts, make sure the wine is sweeter than the dessert. Or there will be a bitter aftertaste.

Therefore, most of our dessert pairings will be with sweet dessert wines. But if you’re not a fan of sweet wines, don’t worry! We also have some amazing pairings of dry wine and dessert that we’ve personally tasted and loved.

Our 9 Favorite Dessert and Wine Pairings

Dark Chocolate Cake

wine pairing with chocolate cake dark chocolate desserts

I love dark chocolate and I love cake. So nothing beats a classic dark chocolate cake – it’s my favorite dessert!

A rich, decadent dark chocolate cake pairs best with a bold red that can stand up to its intense flavor, such as a Cabernet Sauvignon. This pairing will bring out the sweetness of the cake, as well as its subtle bitterness. Additionally, the cake should bring out the dark fruity notes of the wine.

Another Option: Tawny Port is a velvety smooth, indulgent fortified wine that pairs well with the sweetness of a milk chocolate or dark chocolate cake. With its robust body and intricate layers of luscious fruit flavors, Port provides just enough concentrated sugary goodness to perfectly complement even the most dense chocolaty cakes or chocolate desserts!

Red Velvet Cake

wine pairing with red velvet cake chocolate desserts

I’m a huge fan of red velvet cake, and I’ve tasted my fair share! So to make the delicious cake even more delectable, I recommend pairing it with Merlot – you won’t be disappointed.

Red velvet cake is an unmistakably rich, moist experience – a classic buttermilk base with added cocoa powder and red food coloring made complete with its tasty cream cheese icing.

Merlot is renowned for its delicate notes of ripe black plums and cherries, in addition to its chocolatey finish that pairs perfectly with the buttermilk cake and cocoa powder. Its smooth texture will also compliment the buttery cream cheese icing.

Another Option: A light, fruity sweet wine like Moscato or Riesling will also pair nicely with red velvet cake. The sweet and tart flavors of the dessert wines will help balance out the richness of the cake.


pairing wine with cheesecake wine and food pairing chocolate mousse on top

Cheesecake tends to be creamy and rich, so it needs a pairing that can provide add to this texture. So therefore, a creamy Chardonnay is the perfect pairing for this classic dessert. Its subtle notes of butter and oak will enhance the texture of the cake without overpowering its flavor.

Another Option: Sparkling Rose will also be a good pairing. Its light and effervescent quality will add a pleasant contrast to the creamy texture of the cake. And the tartness of the bubbly will bring out the sweetness of the cheesecake even more.

Apple Pie

wine with apple pie or pumpkin pie

For those who prefer a classic dessert such as apple pie (or a pumpkin pie), pairing it with Riesling or Ice Wine is the way to go. Riesling has a sweet flavor that will perfectly balance out the tartness of the apples and the sweetness of the pie. It also has notes of apples, peach, citrus, and apricot which will complement the fruit within.

Another Option: Ice Wine is a sweet and flavorful dessert wine with notes of honey, dried apricots, and peaches. And its honeyed flavor can match the sweetness from the fresh ripe fruits of the pie, creating a pleasant combination.


wine with tiramisu milk chocolate mousse

Tiramisu – a classic Italian dessert consisting of ladyfingers soaked in espresso and layered with a mixture of mascarpone cheese, eggs, sugar, and cocoa.

Vin Santo is typically paired with biscotti forming an amazing pairing on its own. But one of my most memorable food experiences in Italy, was having Tiramisu with Vin Santo.

A Vin Santo is the perfect accompaniment for this famous Italian dessert, especially since both hail from Italy. Its full-bodied sweet flavors will bring out the sweetness of the cake while not overpowering it. Additionally, its nutty flavor will bring out the espresso and cocoa notes of the cake.

Another Option: A dessert wine like Moscato is a great pairing for tiramisu as well, thanks to its sweet and fruity character that will contrast perfectly with the creamy mascarpone cheese. Plus, its low-alcohol content makes it an ideal pairing for a dessert that’s already rich and indulgent.

Banana Bread Pudding

banana bread pudding

It wasn’t until I moved to NYC that I was introduced to this amazing treat that is Magnolia’s banana bread pudding; and let me tell you, it’s even better than their beloved and famous cupcakes!

I found banana bread pudding to be a delicious comforting dessert. So with its sweet and creamy banana flavors, pairing it with an off-dry late harvest Riesling is the perfect pairing.

Late Harvest Riesling’s lush sweetness is a perfect complement to the sweet pudding. And the wine’s soft and velvety palate will pair perfectly with the silky creaminess of this dessert, while its honeyed and fruity notes will bring out the flavors of the banana

Another Option: A German Gewurztraminer is also great for dessert wine pairings. The wine’s lychee aroma and notes of peach, honey, and tropical fruit will match the flavors of banana bread pudding. Plus its spicy finish will add a pleasant contrast to the sweetness of this dessert.

Banana Split/Sundae

wine pairing with banana split

A banana split or sundae is a classic ice cream treat that truly does not need much pairing. A smooth and creamy vanilla ice cream (or your ice cream choice) topped with fresh fruits, chocolate syrup, and whip cream is an indulgent treat!

For this dessert I recommend pairing it with a dessert wine like Moscato d’Asti. Moscato has a light and sweet flavor which will pair perfectly with the sweetness of the ice cream and toppings. The wine’s light bubbles will bring out a refreshing quality to the pairing, making it even more enjoyable.

Crème Brûlée

wine pairing with Crème Brûlée

Crème brûlée is a classic French dessert that consists of an extra creamy custard topped with caramelized sugar. It has a sweet and creamy flavor, making it the perfect pairing for Sauternes.

Sauternes is a sweet white wine from Bordeaux, France that pairs perfectly with crème brûlée. The pairing is magnificent because the wine’s sweetness and notes of apricot and figs balances out the creamy custard while its honeyed flavor brings out the caramelized sugar on top.

Mud Pie

wine with mud pie milk chocolate mousse

Maybe not the most popular dessert, but it’s a dessert I always order at my favorite steakhouse. And a must try, if you enjoy pairing wine with desserts!

Mud Pie is a chocolate-y coffee flavored dessert that has a delicious crunchy crust and creamy layers. It’s flavor profile consists of sweet, creamy, dark chocolate, and coffee notes, making it the perfect pairing for Port wine.

Ruby Port is a fortified wine from Portugal with intense sweet flavors of cherries and dark fruits as well as a hint of dark chocolate. It’s sweetness and richness will stand up to the bold flavors of this dessert pairing perfectly. Plus its high alcohol content will cut through the richness, resulting in an even more delightful pairing.

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