Peju Winery in Napa Valley | Should you visit? What to drink?

peju winery napa valley

Peju Winery is a hidden gem in the Napa Valley. They may not be the most popular, or the most historic, or the largest winery, but they have a loyal following and provide an outstanding experience for wine lovers. Mainly because they give the most essential experience of all, which is tasting delicious Napa Valley wines.

Peju Winery is located in the Rutherford district, just off Route 29 in the heart of Napa Valley. So, if you’re looking for a relaxing day trip from San Francisco or a winery to visit on your Napa Valley tour, Peju Winery is definitely worth a visit!

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My First Impressions

peju sycamore trees

When you first arrive at Peju Winery, you’ll be greeted by a magnificent 50-foot tower building. And the entranceway is lined with stunning sycamore trees that were planted in 1986.

The grounds are well-maintained with impeccable lawns, trimmed trees, and plentiful flowers. They are located in right off Route 29. It’s just a beautiful winery right in the middle of my favorite wine district in Napa.

My Peju Wine Reviews

Peju Wines has something for everyone, from sparkling to rose to white to red. They are known for crafting exceptional wines that reflect the terroir of Napa Valley.

They have a lovely crisp Sauvignon Blanc, but their red wines are really the stars of the show. Their Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Zinfandel are all some of the best in Napa Valley.

And their premium, high-end balanced wines are simply fantastic.

Here are my favorite wines:

peju balanced wines
  • Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon – Smooth, bold, fruit-forward. Just what you what you want a Napa Valley Cab to be.
  • Napa Valley Merlot – One of my favorite Napa Valley Merlot.
  • Zinfandel – Peju is a lovely Zin made from this signature varietal of California.
  • Fifty/Fifty – Premium, high quality, red blend with juicy fruits, polished tannins.
  • Province – a unique refreshing red and white blend that tastes like a crisp white wine for the summertime. Peju served this wine as a “bridge” to introduce white wine drinkers to a softer style red wine.

Peju Winery Tasting Experiences

They offer two wine tasting experiences, one for the general public and one for their wine club members. And they have private tasting experiences and club events that you can inquire about.  

landmark winery celebrated

Peju Classic Tasting

Warm hospitality, beautiful surroundings, and a taste of five different Peju wines. A knowledgeable Peju winery wine educator will discuss the history of the Peju winery family and their winery’s mission, as well as give an inside look into our winemaking process and vineyard estate.

Reservations required | $50 per person

Club Peju Exclusive Wine & Food Pairing

This food and wine pairing is only available to the wine club members. There are five of members’ only wines paired with exquisite culinary creations from Chef Nic.

Wine club membership required | $50 per person 

What is Unique About Peju Winery Napa Valley?

peju winery open tasting room

Peju Winery is renowned for its delicious, premium wines and beautiful winery. Here are some highlights:

  • Organically farmed estate vineyard that is sustainably managed, yielding grapes of the highest quality.
  • Awarded California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) certification in 2007 and Fish Friendly Farming approval for all of their vineyard properties in 2019.
  • Peju’s wines have won numerous awards and high-ratings.
  • Visitors can enjoy the wines in the winery’s beautiful tasting room, located in a 50-foot provincial tower or their modern Uluru room.
  • Family owned and operated

Peju Winery History

Tony Peju established Peju Winery in 1983. Tony decided to go to the University of California at Davis and study winemaking. His first vintage, in 1985, received excellent press and a gold medal with the aid of consultant Walter Schug.

Today, Peju is still family-owned, and Tony’s two daughters continue to work at the company to help it become one of Napa Valley’s most well-known wineries while its wines are appreciated by wine lovers all around the world.


How long is the tasting?

Please allow 45 minutes for the Peju Classic tasting experience and 90 minutes for the Club tasting experience.

Will they waive tasting fee if we purchase wines?

One tasting fee will be refunded for every 6 bottles purchased at the time of visit.

What are the safety protocols?

Click here for more info.

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