Pinot Noir At Costco: Our 16 Favorite For All Occasions!

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Pinot Noir is loved by wine enthusiasts for its complexity, elegance, and ability to pair well with a variety of foods. Although, the wine grape is notoriously temperamental to cultivate. And thus, it’s typically more expensive than other wines.

Therefore, it’s quite important to seek a store that provides the greatest value for your money. Making Costco the perfect choice to buy Pinots!

In this article, we uncovered a broad range of Pinot Noirs – from budget-friendly selections to top tier wines at exceptional prices. So, here are our top picks for best Pinot Noir at Costco.

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What is the Best Pinot Noir At Costco?

Under $20

1) Diora Pinot Noir

costco wine

The name “Diora” is derived from the French word “d’or,” which means “golden.” And the winery chose this name to reflect the golden hills of the Santa Lucia Highlands, where the grapes are grown.

This robust wine has a delightful mix of tart cherries, raspberries, cranberries and spice that carry through with undertones of vanilla, dark chocolate, and toasted oak. Finally, its wonderful balance gives it an elegant complexity that lingers on the palate.

At around $12, this is the most affordable and best value Pinot Noir at Costco.

2) Acacia Pinot Noir

pinot noir at costco

This Pinot Noir is made from grapes grown in the cool climate of the Carneros AVA, resulting in wines with vibrant acidity and complex flavors.

In addition, the oak aging of the wine creates soft tannins and subtle vanilla as well as spice notes to the wine. And the result is a wine with a delicate balance of fruit and oak, with flavors of ripe cherry, raspberry, and blackberry. Plus there are some earthy flavors of mushroom, bell peppers, and dark chocolate with a long, smooth finish.

3) La Crema Pinot Noir

pinot noir at costco

The winery produces high-quality wines that showcase the unique terroir of the region, with a focus on Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

And this light bodied red wine is made from grapes sourced exclusively from vineyards in the Monterey County AVA, in California. As a result, it has vibrant fruit flavors and aromas, with notes of ripe cherry, raspberry, and strawberry as well as earthy notes. Finally, this wine is well-balanced, with a silky texture and a nice finish with a bit of smoke on the end.

4) Mignanelli Pinot Noir

pinot noir at costco

This Pinot Noir has bright cherry and tart raspberry flavors, with notes of violets, dark chocolate and a hint of sweet oak. Then on the palate it has floral notes of violet and herbs with soft tannins on the finish.

At just around $18 per bottle at Costco, this Pinot Noir from Mignanelli offers great value for money.

5) Sparrow Hawk Pinot Noir

Sparrow Hawk Winery is located in California and their wines are sourced from some of the best wine regions in the state. Therefore, they can always produce high-quality wines that showcase each of the unique terroirs of the different regions region, with a focus on Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

For that reason, this Sparrow Hawk Pinot Noir from Santa Barbara has rich, complex flavors and aromas, with notes of red fruits, vanilla, oak and spice. Plus, the wine is well-balanced, with a smooth texture and a long finish.

6) Meiomi Pinot Noir

Meiomi pinot noir grape

Meiomi Pinot Noir has been highly popular since its release in 2009, quickly gaining a reputation as a go-to Pinot Noir for many wine drinkers and lovers! Plus, it has consistently received high ratings and has been featured in numerous wine publications. And its popularity can be attributed to its smooth, easy-drinking style, combined with its affordable price point.

Meiomi Wines was founded by Joe Wagner, a fifth-generation winemaker and part of the Wagner family of wines (Caymus), in 2006.

You can find this wine everywhere, but I’ve seen the best price for this wine at Costco!

7) Erath Pinot Noir

pinot noir at costco

The winery is named after its founder, Dick Erath, who founded the Erath Winery in 1965 from his garage. Today, the winery is owned by Ste. Michelle Wine Estates and continues to produce some of the finest Pinot Noir wines in the region.

Erath Pinot Noir is made from 100% Pinot Noir grapes, which are sourced from several vineyards throughout Oregon.

As a result, it has complex flavors and aromas, which include cherry, strawberry, raspberry, and hints of mushroom, smoke, spice, and vanilla. 

8) J Vineyards Pinot Noir

pinot noir at costco

The winery was founded with a focus on producing sparkling wines from Sonoma. But today, J Vineyards & Winery is also known for its high-quality Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and sparkling wines.

And this easy drinking wine has fruit forward flavors and aromas of black cherry, raspberry, and hints of smoke and vanilla. Plus the wine has smooth tannins, and is well-balanced with a lingering finish.

9) McIlroy Cellars Pinot Noir

Another family-owned winery that Costco carries. It’s located in the in Sonoma County, California

And this Pinot Noir is known for its balanced flavors and aromas, which include black cherry, tart cherry, raspberry, and hints of pepper spice and vanilla. Furthermore, this wine has a silky texture and has acidity on the finish.

10) Luli Pinot Noir

pinot noir at costco

Another boutique winery located in the Santa Lucia Highlands region of Monterey County, California. The winery was founded in 2007 by Jeff Pisoni and Sara Floyd, with a focus on producing high-quality, handcrafted wines at affordable prices. Therefore it fits quite nicely to be sold at Costco.

And it has elegant and nuanced flavors and aromas, which include bing cherry, raspberry, and hints of rose petal, earthy spice, and vanilla. In addition, the medium bodied wine has medium tannins with a silky texture and an elegant finish.

At Costco for around 33% discount from their retail price, this is a great value wine for Pinot lovers.

11) Kirkland Signature Russian River Valley Pinot Noir

Out of all the Pinot Noirs that the Kirkland Signature brand has to offer (i.e. Willamette Valley, Carneros), my favorite is this Russian River Valley Pinot Noir. Though not the finest Pinot Noir I’ve ever tried, this wine is definitely worth its price tag of ~$10. And it offers a great value for money!

On the nose I find aromas of cherry, red fruits, violet, and earthy notes. Then on the palate its dry, earthy Pinot Noir with flavors of mushroom, cherry, cola.

Under $50

12) Domaine Eden Pinot Noir

pinot noir at costco

A fantastic Pinot Noir from the Santa Cruz mountains in California. Another great choice for Pinot Noir and/or wine lovers.

An elegant wine with balanced aromas of earth, herbs, and red fruits. Then the wine is fresh on the palate with flavor of blackberry, cranberry, herbs, plum, and earthy oak notes. And the wine has tremendous complexity with a lingering finish that’ll have you wanting more.

13) Testarosa Pinot Noir

Another critically acclaimed winery, that uses grapes sourced from the Central Coast region, where the cool climate and coastal influence create ideal growing conditions for Pinot Noir.

Testarosa Pinot Noir has rich aromas of cherry cola, raspberry, and earthy undertones. Additionally, its a refreshing wine with strong tannins and notes of dried red fruits. Along with a depth in flavor and a lively acidic finish.

14) Belle Glos Clark & Telephone Pinot Noir

Clark-Telephone vineyard

A famous winery for producing premium Pinot Noirs, based in California. The grapes for this wine are sourced from the Clark & Telephone Vineyard in the Santa Maria Valley appellation of Santa Barbara County.

Belle Glos Clark & Telephone Pinot Noir has rich, complex flavors of dark cherry, raspberry, blackberry, plum, and hints of black pepper, leather, and clove. And its a medium-bodied wine with a rich, velvety texture and a long, silky finish. Plus the wine is aged in French oak barrels, which imparts subtle flavors of vanilla and toast to the wine.

And Costco is offering this remarkable, premium Pinot Noir at an fantastic price that you can’t find at any other retail stores.

15) Lavinea Pinot Noir

Unbelievable discount for this premium high-end Pinot Noir from Willamette Valley. One of the better Pinot Noirs you will find at Costco and probably the best deal. This single vineyard wine retails for $77 on their website, while Costco has it for $39.99!

This wine has vibrant aromas of abundant cherry, raspberry and cranberry with a hint of earthy minerals. Then the palate is full, round and complex with flavors of black cherry, mushroom, and black tea mingling with smoky notes of oak. Finally, it has a long lasting finish that lingers on the tongue.

Overall, one of the best discounted premium Pinot Noirs you will find at Costco!

16) Dom Jacques Girardin Santenay Pinot Noir

A Pinot Noir from the Burgundy region of France. It’s produced by Dom Jacques Girardin, a highly respected winery in Santenay.

The wine has fresh aromas of red and black fruits on the nose, along with notes of baking spices and herbs. On the palate are flavors of dark plums, black currants, and clove, along with hints of earth. This classic medium-bodied Burgundian wine is well-structured, with a dry and elegant finish.

This Pinot Noir is an outstanding choice at Costco for Pinot lovers, who love their Burgundian wines!

Why You Should Buy Pinot Noir at Costco?

  1. Wide Selection: Costco has a wide selection of wines, from different regions around the world. This means that you can find a range of styles and flavors to suit your preferences.
  2. Competitive Prices: Costco offers competitive prices on its wines, including Pinot Noir. So, you can often find high-quality Pinot Noir at a lower price compared to other retailers.
  3. Quality Assurance: Costco has a rigorous wine selection process that ensures the quality of the wines they offer. And they work directly with wineries and winemakers to select and source their wines.
  4. Convenience: Costco has a large number of stores across the country. And for those of you who frequently buy groceries or shop at Costco, its a great place to snag some quality wines in one convenient stop.

Overall, Costco offers a great combination of selection, quality, price, and convenience that makes it a great place to buy Pinot Noir.

Why Costco Has The Best Prices For Wines?

  1. Volume Purchasing: Costco is known for buying in bulk. They purchase large quantities of wines. And this allows them to negotiate lower prices and pass those savings on to their customers.
  2. Private Label Brand: Costco has its own private label brand of wines, Kirkland Signature. And this allows them to sell at a lower price compared to other branded wines. Because they have direct control over the production and sourcing, which helps to keep costs down.
  3. Low Markup: Costco operates on a low markup business model. And this applies to their wine selection as well.
  4. Direct Relationships: Costco has direct relationships with many wineries and distributors. And this allows them to cut out middlemen and purchase wines at a lower price. Therefore, keeping the prices of their wines, including Pinot Noir, competitive.

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