12 Best Red Moscato Wines for 2023 | All You Need To Know!

red moscato

Red Moscato is an affordable, delectable sweet wine that has gained popularity in the past few years. So if you’re a fan of sweet wines, this one should definitely be on your radar!

Crafted from the Muscat grape, this wine boasts a delicate bouquet of florals and ripe fruity flavors. And the beautiful red color along with the sweet profile makes this an excellent choice for wine drinkers looking to indulge in a smooth, easy drinking wine.

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What are the 12 Best Red Moscato Wines Under $15?

1) Sutter Home Red

sutter home red moscato

This winery is renowned for their sweet and affordable wines, and continues this trend with their sweet red wine. Enjoy the bursting flavors of sweet and juicy red fruits blended together with hints of spice in every sip!

2) Barefoot Red Moscato (Best Value)

If you’re craving a sweet, budget-friendly wine then this winery is just the place for you! And this wine brings forth succulent notes of red cherry and raspberry alongside refreshing touches of sweet citrus.

3) Quadry Electra Red (Best Overall)

Quady Electra Red Moscato

This wine from Quadry is a medium-bodied red wine with sweet, fruit forward flavors. Enjoy the aromas of red berries and oranges, while on the palate you will find smooth flavors of vanilla, strawberry jam, and cherries in this delicious wine!

4) Yellow Tail Red Moscato (Best Australian)

Another well-renowned Australian winery, reputed for their reasonable and easily accessible wines that can be procured virtually anywhere. This zesty and refreshing wine offers a sweet, fruity flavor profile bursting with strawberry, raspberry and cherry flavors.

5) Risata Il Rosso (Runner Up Favorite)

Risata Il Rosso

From Italy, this wine has great quality and value. This lightly sparkling and semi-sweet wine has a delightful taste of strawberry, cherry cream, and grapefruit.

6) Bella Bollé Red Moscato (Best Sparkling)

Bella Bollé Red Moscato

Another sparkling wine from Italy, this semi-sweet wine is bursting with flavors of fresh strawberries and sweet red cherries.

7) Barefoot Bubbly Red Moscato

Barefoot Bubbly Red Moscato

Another wine from Barefoot, this is their bubbly sweet red wine. And this semi-sweet wine offers a light, crisp taste with hints of red fruits and white peach.

8) Tomasello Winery Red Raspberry - Moscato (Most Unique)

Tomasello Winery Red Raspberry - Moscato

An interesting blend of 100% Red Raspberry wine and Moscato. Enjoy the aromas of red berries and tart raspberries, while on the palate you get a slightly sparkling fizz and fresh fruit in this delicious sweet wine!

9) Wolf Blass Red Label

Wolf Blass Red Label Moscato

Another wine from Australian hails from the winery of Wolf Blass. And this sparkling wine is bright and lively, that offers a light body with intense flavors of red cherries, strawberries, and raspberries.

10) Beringer Main & Vine Red Moscato

Beringer Main & Vine Red Moscato

One of the pioneering wineries in Napa Valley, this wine offers a delicious blend of red fruits and floral aromas. On the palate, you can find smooth flavors of red cherries that linger on the tongue for a sweet aftertaste.

11) Gallo Family Red (Most Affordable)

Gallo Family Red Moscato

One of the largest wineries in the world, Gallo offers this affordable wine with a crisp, light body and intense red fruit flavors at very affordable price.

12) Rex Goliath Red Moscato (Best Label)

Rex Goliath Red Moscato

Another California winery, making a wine that is light and sweet with strawberry jam and other red fruit flavors.

What is a Red Moscato Wine?

Red Moscato is a type of sweet, fruity red wine that is made from the black Muscat grape.

And it’s made by adding red wine grapes (ex. Syrah or Zinfandel) during the fermentation process. And this gives the wine its distinctive red color and fruity flavor. Plus the red grape skins also add some tannins to the wine, which can give it a slightly drier finish than other types of Moscato.

What Does Red Moscato Taste Like?

red moscato flavors and aromas

It’s known for its sweet and fruity flavor profile, with a hint of acidity or effervescence to balance out the sweetness. And the wine is often described as having these flavors:

  1. Red berries: Flavors of strawberries, raspberries, and cherries. And these red fruit flavors can be both sweet and tart, giving the wine a balanced taste.
  2. Peach: Often associated with Moscato d’Asti, which is a sweet, slightly effervescent wine from Italy.
  3. Floral: Some have floral aromas and flavors, such as rose or violet. And this can add a delicate and romantic touch to the wine.
  4. Honey: Hint of honey which adds to the wine’s sweetness and richness.
  5. Spices: Hint of spice, such as cinnamon, ginger, or clove.

Furthermore, it’s typically low in alcohol content and low in acidity.

Popular Wine Regions

  1. USA – California
  2. Italy 

  3. Australia 

  4. South Africa

Is Red Moscato Sweet?

Yes, it’s a sweet wine. Overall, if you have a sweet tooth and enjoy fruity and easy-to-drink wines, then this wine could be a great choice for you. However, if you prefer drier wines, then this wine may not be to your liking.

What's the Difference Between Red Moscato and Moscato?

The main difference between Red Moscato and Moscato is the color of the wine. One is a red wine, while the other is a white wine. But both are made from the Muscat grape.

And in terms of flavor profile, both Red Moscato and Moscato are known for their sweet and fruity flavors, with a hint of acidity to balance out the sweetness. However, Red Moscato may have more complex flavors due to the addition of tannins from the red grape skins, while Moscato is typically lighter and more refreshing.

Both wines are often served chilled (50 – 55F) and are popular choices for pairing with spicy foods, fruity desserts, and light cheeses.

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