Relax Riesling: #1 Riesling in the US?

relax riesling

Relax Riesling is considered one of the most popular wines in the market today. More than likely if you’re in the US or UK, you’ve heard of this Riesling.

And if you’re looking for a semi-sweet and well-balanced white wine, this could be the wine for you. Its unique blue bottle stands out from the crowd and gives a minimalist design that attracts young people to try out this wine.

However, don’t be fooled. This wine is not only a good fit for young people or wine beginners, but also for the young at heart. With its attractive price and excellent value, if you like sweet Rieslings, than this is a great choice .

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Who Makes Relax Riesling Wine?

The Relax Riesling is produced by Schmitt Sӧhne Wines from the vineyards of the Mosel wine region. What started as a small regional winery in Longuich, Germany, in 1919, it’s now in its 5th generation, which Juliane Schmitt heads.

Schmitt Sӧhne is one of Germany’s most successful and largest wine exporters worldwide. Even though they started operating for over 200 years, they still use the traditional way of producing first-class quality and exceptional wines.

Today, the company oversees not only the production of their wines but also the quality control, customer service, and shipments to many wine drinkers worldwide.

My Relax Riesling Review

The hype about the exterior bright blue bottle doesn’t stop there. Opening the Relax Riesling, I noticed a bright yellow color with a floral and fruity aroma. I can easily distinguish the honeysuckle with hints of lemons and pears.

The wine is good for its price. But it leans a little towards the sweeter side, and it’s still easy to drink. If you like sweet wines but not like a syrupy dessert wine, then this could be the wine for you. Because it has a light and long finish making you want to refill for another glass.

Take note that it’s best served when chilled and is perfect to pair with fresh salads, grilled poultry or seafood, and even spicy Asian dishes.

Tasting Notes

relax riesling flavors

The honey, tart apple, pear, lemon, and peach flavors stand out. The sweetness of the peach and honey is balanced out with the natural acidity of this wine because of its ripeness from the fermentation in its stainless steel tanks.

Overall, the acidity balances out the sweetness of this wine.

Where to Buy?

The Relax Riesling is sold everywhere, from Total Wine to Walmart and most grocery stores. Depending on where you buy, a 750mL bottle can range between $8.40 to $9.99.


Is Relax Riesling Dry or Sweet?

This is an off-dry wine that also leaning towards the sweeter side of white wines. However, it’s not too sweet, thanks to its citrus flavors.

Is Relax Riesling Good?

Yes, Relax Riesling is the most popular Riesling in America. Thanks to its exceptional quality and affordable price, this German Riesling is a sought-after white wine in the US and UK.

Does Relax Riesling Spoil?

This wine does not spoil if properly stored in a wine fridge or cooler. Also it’s best to drink it when it’s cold and within the day of opening the bottle.

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