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Italian sparkling wines may be called many names and produced all over the country, but all Italian full sparkling wines are Spumante wines.

Italy is home to many famous bottles of bubbly, and not only Prosecco, although it’s the most widely seen in the world market.

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Spumante vs Frizzante

spumante vs frizzante

Spumante is sparkling wine. Frizzante is semi-sparkling wine. Both spumante and frizzante describe the level of effervescence (bubbles).

What Is Spumante?

Spumante means sparkling wine in Italian, and that’s all the name really means.

For a wine to be called ‘Spumante,’ it only needs to be sparkling made of grapes grown and produced in Italy, no matter the area or region in the country.

Additionally, you don’t need to use a particular grape varietal or use certain production or fermentation methods.

Spumante vs. Prosecco

Every Prosecco can be a Spumante, Frizzante, or even still wine. You can add one of these labels/names onto any bottle of Prosecco, but Prosecco is already among the most popular wine names that people know.

While Spumante can be any Italian sparkling wine made with any type of grapes, Prosecco is classified as DOC wine made of Glera grapes plus 15% of other varieties and has to be made in certain regions, like the Veneto region.

And while Prosecco is often classified based on sweetness (sweet, brut, extra-dry, dry), Spumante doesn’t identify sweetness levels.

champagne sweetness levels

Quick Facts About Spumante

5 Types Spumante
  • It can be made in red, white, rose
  • Spumante varieties: dry, sweet, semi-sweet
  • Labels: secco (very dry), dolce (sweet), semi-secco (semi-sweet, off-dry, or any variety in between)
  • Two primary techniques to make Spumante wines: Methode Champenoise (traditional double fermentation method) and Charmat method (second fermentation happens inside sealed tanks)
  • 5 Types of Spumante wines: Prosecco, Lambrusco, Asti Spumante, Franciacorta, Metodo Classico
  • Best served on its own, before or after a meal.
  • Can also be served as a base of different cocktails like bellini and mimosa (which usually uses Prosecco)
  • Few can age beautifully for several years, a great addition to your cellar (Metodo Classico)
  • Franciacorta is the “Champagne” of Italy

What Is Asti Spumante (aka Asti)?

It’s a popular sweet sparkling wine that uses Moscato grapes (Muscat Blanc) and is made in the Asti region of Piedmont. Again, it’s normally a sweet sparkling wine that is very similar to Moscato D’Asti.

However, the Moscato D’Asti tends to be slightly sweeter and a semi-sparkling (frizzante) or the lightly bubbly version of the wine. Consider Asti as the full or ‘complete sparkling version’ of the Moscato D’Asti.

Top 5 Spumante Wines

Ca’ del Bosco Franciacorta Cuvee Prestige N.V.

DOC Franciacorta wine from a blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc from 134 different vineyards in the Lombardy region of Italy. If it’s your first time trying Italian sparkling wines, this one will not disappoint – intense straw-yellow color, medium-expressive aroma, dry and easy going in the mouth with the right amount of acidity and freshness.

You will enjoy its long, persistent finish.

Tasting Notes: yellow apple, pear, peach

Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG

DOCG Prosecco, fermented for extra 30 days, that’s rich and extra-dry with an enjoyable, lingering finish. It’s exclusively made of hand-picked Glera grapes grown in the hills of Valdobbiadene – daring, dazzling, and elegant.

It’s the first joint venture of the Delevingne sisters – Poppy, Chloe, Cara Delevingne. “Della Vite” means ‘from the vine’ and the name in the label was written in Poppy’s own cursive script. And I do find the bottle to be quite beautiful. 

Tasting Notes: crostini, chamomile, mineral

Ca’ de Noci Le Rose Emilia Bianco Bio 2020

IGT sparkling white wine from the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, made from the aromatic Malvasia grapes. I found that it features a classic Italian earthiness – very aromatic, dry, refreshing, juicy, subtle fizz, and a stinging acidity to the finish.

The label was drawn by one of the owners’, Giovanni’s, daughter.

Tasting Notes: apricot, apple, tree fruit

Altemasi Riserva Graal Metodo Classico Brut

Trento DOC Spumante wine from the highest hilly areas of the Trentino region, made from a blend of 70% Chardonnay, 30% Pinot Noir. Trento DOC is famous for producing some of the finest Italian sparkling wines.

The wine itself is complex but refined on the nose and creamy, full, well-structured on the palate. I enjoy the persistent perlage, ideal as an aperitif.

Tasting Notes: apple, apricot, cream, toast

emilia romagna

Intensely red in color, very fruity in aroma, and lively fading bubbles that are as smooth as it is pleasant to taste. This sweet and spritzy classic Lambrusco wine from the Emilia-Romagna region evolves in the glass.

Overall, it’s a captivating wine that’s easy to drink in excess.

Tasting Notes: blackberries, plum, blueberries, cherry

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