5 Best Wine Aerators for 2022 & Do They Work?

wine aerator

Wine Aerators are gadgets, not just for a wine enthusiast and/or wine lovers. They are for everyone that wants to make their favorite bottle smell and taste better faster.

Fact is that most wines will smell and taste better with more aeration. But that doesn’t mean you need to use a wine aerator to aerate wine. 

Keep in mind there are many ways to aerate wines…

wine aerator

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What are the 5 BEST Wine Aerators for 2022?

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1) Vinturi Wine Aerator (Best Wine Aerator)

Vinturi Wine Aerator


  • Streamlined, handheld aerator
  • Can sit atop the wine glass
  • Comes with a no-drip stand


  • For red wines only, although they have another aerator for white wines sold separately

Most popular wine aerator and probably the best, coming from one of the biggest brands of retail wine aerators. And because it has a patented design – based on a specific amount of air for a specific amount of time. And for this reason it results in proprietary aeration that enhances the wine’s bouquet and flavors.

Also, it looks sleek and streamlined with a clear top and black, easy-grip body. But what makes it fantastic is the distinctive sound it makes as the wine flows through it.

But because of this, there are lots of knockoffs on Amazon.com that they say work well, so it’s up to you.

2) Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer



  • Drip-less pouring
  • Large aeration chamber
  • Simple and affordable


  • Prone to breaking, handle with utmost care

Aerating one could not be easier. And unlike handheld aerators, this one attaches directly to the wine bottle. So it makes a great pourer too.

Vintorio features the Bernoulli Effect in aerating wine – upping up the aroma and taste.

Furthermore, the large aeration chamber is one of its best features, maximizing the wine’s initial exposure to air as you pour the bottle – straightforward and effective!

3) Aervana Electric Wine Aerator

Aervana Electric in bottle Wine Aerator


  • 6x aeration
  • Simple, one-touch process
  • All-in-one aerator


  • A splurge

Aervana is unlike any other aerator you can find. Because it’s a small keg or tap that sits onto the wine bottle.

And unlike others that aerates wine through pouring, this one aerates the wine through a push of a button. By giving 6x more aeration than typical gravity-based aerators!

With this in mind, it does has a high price though! But it works as a cool-looking, great dispenser when drinking your favorite wine amongst friends.

4) Zazzol Wine Aerator

Zazzol wine aeration wine bottles


  • Virtually drip and leak-proof
  • Multi-stage aeration process
  • Reasonably priced


  • Fussy to clean

It’s simple to use, really.

You pour the wine, and it will disperse over Zazzol’s cone-shaped plug. As it drains through more than 30 holes, the wine then interacts with pressurized oxygen inside the tube – a 3-stage aeration process.

5) Buy a Decanter

riedel wine decanter

100% WORKS! Just make sure the decanter can hold all the wine from a standard wine bottle. 

With this in mind, before drinking wine you can always just buy a decanter instead of an aerator.

And you won’t need to worry about choking on any solid, grainy sediment from your vintage bottle.

It takes a little patience, but it does the trick and doesn’t fail! Using a decanter to aerate the wine will make the wine taste better.

Before you aerate the wine, you’ll need to open the wine. Check out our Best Wine Openers and Our #1 Wine Opener TIP

What is a Wine Aerator?

A wine aerator, like the name implies, is a device used to aerate wine. So basically it allows the wine to  “breathe” faster, making it more enjoyable to drink sooner and making the wine taste better.

They are small devices typically attached to the bottle or held by hand while pouring the wine. And wine aerators come in different variations:

  • Some disperse the wine through different spouts
  • And others introduce air as the wine travels through the device.

But they all work the same – increasing the wine’s exposure to air.

Does a Wine Aerator Work?

To be honest some people say they don’t notice any difference using a wine aerator. But through some of our own experiences, we can say that some of the ones we have tried do work. And we have listed our Top 5 Best Wine Aerators above.

The main reason for aeration is to soften tannins – leaving you with a smoother tasting wine. For example without that harsh edge in younger vintages, the wine’s fruit and acid will shine through. And some of the wine aerators we tested accomplished this. 

Aerator vs Decanter

aerator v decant wine red wine decanters

The Best Aerator is just decanting the wine – letting it sit for 30+ minutes to open the wine. So, patience is key.

Therefore if you have a young wine that needs as much air as it can get, you can always aerate the wine right into the decanter!

What Types of Wines Should Be Aerated?

So generally, aeration will most benefit bottles with the most tannins.

And some red wine varieties that can get the most benefits from 30 minutes to an hour of aerations include Malbec, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Bordeaux, Petite Syrah, and Nebbiolo.

Many wine enthusiasts will aerate all their wines before drinking. In conclusion, any wine can benefit from aeration and a bit of patience.

How About White Wine? Does It Need to Be Aerated?

Aeration is not a must but will do wonders in making white wines smoother and more flavorful. And if your white wine is too subtle and lacking flavor, an aerator can bring out its deeper aroma and taste.

And here are some white wines that benefit most from aeration include Chardonnay, Alsatian wines, white Burgundies, and white Bordeaux. 

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