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How is the Best Rose Wine made?

What type of grapes are rose wine made of?  Rose wines don’t come from pink grapes (unfortunately they don’t exist). And it doesn’t come from white grapes like Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay. Rose wines are actually made using RED grapes.

The skin of the red grapes remains in contact with the juice for a short period and then discarded rather than kept for the entire fermentation period, giving them that pink colour. The longer you keep the skins in the darker red the rose becomes.  

Is Rose Wine only for the summer time?

NO, it’s not just for the summer time. It’s a quality wine that can appreciated all year long. And some produce as much complexity as a premium red wine.

Where is Rose Wine made?

All over the world from France, Italy, Greece, Spain, to the US. But if you drank rose before you probably drank one from Provence, considered the best rose wine region. Located in Southern France, known for its crisp versatile wine.

So try all different colors of Rose. They are quality wines!

What are the Top 10 Rose Wine Under $25?

Spain’s northern Basque country is home to this great wine. This wine is a great example of that region with a little effervescence which makes for a great crisp wine. Bidaia Rose is perfect for a hot summer day.

Tasting Notes: White fruits, mineral, tart, slight fizz

Provence Rose using full-bodied grapes shows the quality and complexity of this wine. This Rose shows why Provence is known for the best and most popular Roses.

Tasting Notes: Flowers, acidity, minerality

3) Whispering Angel

whispering angel rose best wine at target

One of, if not, the most popular Rose wine in the US. The pale color and dry finish makes this the classic Provence Rose.

Tasting Notes: Lemons, melons, aromas of strawberry

aix rose

Another Provence wine, with the classic blend of Grenache, Syrah, and Cinsault. This is a fragrant and well-balanced rose wine like their website suggests. And if you happen to see their Nebuchadnezzar size (15.0– normal bottle of wine is 0.75L), it’s never a bad choice!

Tasting Notes: Strawberries, watermelon, and flowers

Mi mi rose

MIMI is an affectionate Provençal nickname and a common term of endearment. This is yet another crisp and fresh rose wine from Provence that I would bring to dinner with any friend/family member.

Tasting Notes: Red berries, lemon, hint of strawberry, aromas of flower

Domaine Lafage MiraFlors rose

From just outside Provence, this rose wine is rated highly by wine magazines and critics. Great color, organic, always a great buy!

Tasting Notes: Peach, minerality, strawberries  

daou rose

Paso Robles not known for their Rose. And Daou winery is known for their superb Cab. But surprisingly, their Rose wine is just as good and it can fool you as a classic French Rose.

Tasting Notes: Cherry, watermelon, strawberry

diora rose

This is another excellent Rose from Monterey County, CA. It’s well known for its great value. A perfect choice to bring to a party.

Tasting Notes: Bold, cherry, red berries


Popular, accessible, and affordable. 100% Grenache from the South of France. This Notorious wine is a winner.

Tasting Notes: Strawberry, citrus, hint of minerals

Next time you head to Trader Joe’s pick it up. I’ve used it many times for events and received rave reviews. Crisp, bubbly, great color, buy more than 1 bottle! $7 for this Prosecco Rose.

Tasting Notes: Bubbly, red berries, crisp, fruit

If white wines is more your thing, no problem! Check out our list for best white wines under $20. 

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