Perfect Chicken Piccata Wine Pairings That You Must Try!

chicken piccata wine pairing

Quick Answer: An Italian white wine really goes well with this dish. So my favorite choices, would be Vermentino, Pinot Grigio, or Soave. Because their moderate to high acidity balances the tangy lemon-caper sauce in the Chicken Piccata dish. And their fruity and sometimes floral flavors harmonize with the dish's bright, zesty character.

Do you like a tender chicken with tangy lemon-caper sauce, and savory notes from garlic and butter? Then Chicken Piccata is the way to go!

And to elevate this classic Italian dish, consider pairing this mouthwatering Chicken Piccata with a perfectly matched wine.

What is Chicken Piccata?

Before diving into wine pairings, it’s essential to understand the fundamental flavors of Chicken Piccata. This dish is characterized by its juicy, pan-fried chicken breasts coated in a flavorful flour mixture. 

But the real star, is the vibrant sauce made from lemon juice, capers, and white wine, which adds an irresistible tangy, salty, and slightly acidic taste. Because these elements are what create a harmonious balance of flavors that make Chicken Piccata a tasty dish!

7 Wine Pairings for Chicken Piccata

1) Vermentino

This Italian white wine is my favorite choice for pairing with Chicken Piccata.

Because Vermentino has a bright acidity and a medium body, which complements the tangy sauce beautifully. Its flavors of lemon, green apple, and almond, coupled with a slight saline minerality, further enhance the dish’s overall flavors.

2) Pinot Grigio

Another Italian classic and the most popular Italian white wine. Pinot Grigio is a light-bodied white wine with bright acidity and subtle citrus notes. Its crisp, clean flavors will not overpower the chicken and will match well with the tangy sauce.

Opt for a Pinot Grigio from Northern Italy for the best results.

3) Sauvignon Blanc

A classic choice, Sauvignon Blanc boasts high acidity and a light body, making it ideal for the lemony Piccata sauce. Look for a Sauvignon Blanc (ex. New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc) with notes of grapefruit, passionfruit, or gooseberry to add an extra layer of complexity to your meal.

Both a Old World and a New World Sauvignon Blanc will work well, although the former may offer a more pronounced minerality (like Sancerre).

4) Grüner Veltliner

_Gustav Grüner Veltliner 2020

If I’m choosing for a white wine at a restaurant, I usually order a Grüner Veltliner because it typically has the best QPR (quality price ratio).

Originating from Austria, Grüner Veltliner is a versatile white wine with vibrant acidity and flavors of green apple, white pepper, and citrus flavors. Its unique peppery notes will add an interesting twist to your Chicken Piccata dish, while the wine’s acidity will balance the dish’s tangy elements.

5) Soave

Soave is an Italian white wine produced in the Veneto region, primarily made from the Garganega grape variety. The moderate acidity of Soave can balance the tangy lemon-caper sauce in Chicken Piccata, while its delicate floral and fruity flavors can complement the dish without overpowering it.

When selecting a Soave for Chicken Piccata, consider looking for a bottle labeled “Soave Classico,” which indicates the wine comes from the original, higher-quality hillside vineyards. These wines tend to have a bit more complexity and minerality, which can further enhance pairing Chicken Piccata with it.

6) Prosecco

Opt for a dry (Brut) or extra dry style to prevent the wine from being overly sweet. The dryness will balance the Chicken Piccata’s acidity and enhance its savory flavors. 

Additionally, Prosecco’s notes of apple, pear, and citrus can further complement the dish’s bright, zesty character.

7) Valpolicella

If you are looking for a red wine to pair with Chicken Piccata, try this Italian red wine.

Valpolicella is light-bodied with moderate acidity and low tannins. Its flavors of cherry, plum, and almond can work well with the flavors of Chicken Piccata, especially if the dish features a more robust sauce.

Tips To Pairing Wine With Chicken Piccata

chicken piccata wine pairing
  1. Match the acidity: The lemony sauce with capers in Chicken Piccata brings a tangy, acidic element to the dish. Choose a wine with moderate to high acidity to balance and complement the sauce’s zesty flavors.
  2. Consider the body: Chicken Piccata is a relatively delicate dish, so select a light to medium-bodied wine that won’t overpower the flavors of the chicken.
  3. Complementary flavors: Look for wines that offer flavors and aromas that complement the Chicken Piccata dish, such as citrus, herbs, or minerality. 
  4. Regional pairing: When in doubt, consider a wine from the same region as the dish. In this case, Italian white wines like Vermentino or Pinot Grigio are excellent choices.
  5. Temperature: Serve white wines at the proper temperature (45-55°F or 7-13°C) to ensure the best expression of their flavors and aromas.
  6. Pair with sides: Consider the side dishes served alongside Chicken Piccata, such as pasta, risotto, or vegetables. Choose a wine that pairs well with both the main course and the accompaniments for a harmonious meal.

Chicken Piccata Wine Pairing Principles

  1. Acidity: To match the dish’s tangy lemon-caper sauce, choose a wine with moderate to high acidity that can hold its own against the zesty flavors.
  2. Body: Opt for a light to medium-bodied wine that won’t overpower the delicate Chicken Piccata. 
  3. Complexity: Select a wine that offers complementary flavors and aromas, such as citrus, herbs, or minerality, to enhance the overall dining experience.


With the right wine pairing, your Chicken Piccata experience can be transformed into a truly unforgettable meal. By considering the acidity, body, and complexity of your chosen wine, you can find the perfect match for this classic Italian dish.

Looking for a good recipe, try this one by Giada DeLaurentiis.

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