Our Coravin Review 2021

Here is our Coravin review

If you’re much of a wine drinker you know that Coravin will always be on top or at least one of the most recommended wine preservation systems out there.

It’s used at many high-end restaurants for their glasses of wine, and when I see it, I actually respect the restaurant more. Many times at restaurants, wine could have been opened for days before the last of the bottle gets served. 

And quite frankly for the money we pay for a glass of wine, we shouldn’t receive a glass of wine that’s been open for a few days. When I see someone has using a Coravin system, I know my glass of wine will taste great.

An interesting fact I found doing my own research is that a standard glass of wine in NYC normally runs around $15. What do you think a restaurant pays for that entire bottle of wine though? About $10 depending on the restaurant! Of course this is in NYC and other regions/locations might be different, but there will still be large margin for them. 

This may seem exorbitant, but the restaurant business is tough and we know they need to make their margins. That said, when we’re paying that much, you want to be certain you’re getting a good glass of wine.


How it Works

The Coravin preservation systems are devices used to affix small tubes of gas to the wine bottle so that once you’ve opened it you can easily reseal the bottle and prevent the remaining wine from oxidizing and becoming stale. The device fills the space created by you enjoying your glass of wine with Argon gas so that no oxygen can enter the bottle, and when you reopen the bottle for dinner in say, a week, it’s just as fresh as that first night!

Coravin Alternatives


Of course the Coravin has competition, but I’ve tried other wine preservation systems, and they are no competition for the Coravin.

Vacu Vin Pump

There’s the Vacu Vin Pump, but unfortunately it doesn’t do as good of a job. My father has one and to my surprise it worked for one of his wines but not every time he tried to use it. When it worked the wine still tasted good after 2 days! (We tried it on about 10 wines, 6 of the wines the next day still tasted good)

However it just doesn’t work as well as a Coravin. It won’t last as long in wine preservation, and even after just a day or two you can tell a difference in the wine. After more than a few days, the wine will taste noticeably different.

Private Preserve Wine Spray

There’s also the Private Preserve Wine Spray, it is so intriguing because with it you are spraying the wine and creating a blanket to keep oxygen away. 

But after trying it, I rate it similar to the Vacu Vin Pump. It does an alright job with the wines I’ve tried but they don’t taste as good or last as long as when using a Coravin.


Of course I know the Spray and the Vacuum are considerably cheaper, but I still believe the Coravin is the best preserver of wine. That said, if you can normally finish your wine bottle within in 2 days, maybe 3 at the most, the Vacu Vin and Private Preserve Wine spray may be the better choice for you. 

But let’s say you typically spend over $30 for a bottle of wine, my recommendation would be to use the Coravin or even better, just finish the bottle! =)

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