Costco Wine | Top 40 Wines Under $20 For All Occasions in 2023

Costco is best known for its great deals on bulk products, and of course the ROTISSERIE CHICKEN, but it’s also one of the best places to get wines under $20. 

And did you know Costco is the nation’s largest wine retailer and home to some of the best prices. According to the NY Times, at Costco, “no wine is marked up more than 14 percent, and some barely at all”.

Therefore, Costco also has the best prices for high-end, well-known champagnes like:

WineO Tip – If the bottle’s price ends in something other than .99, then it has most likely been further marked down and is an even better deal than normal. So to get the best deals, always look for prices that don’t end in .99 (ex. $.79)

**Costco wine locations may have different selections. This list was compiled after visiting a new Costco in California**

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Best Red Wines at Costco Under $20

costco wine

One of the most recommended Costco wines on this list. Because you can find this wine at any store for more than $25 a bottle. But you can only find this bottle below/around $20 at Costco. This is one of Paso Robles’ most well-known Cabernets for a reason. Great-tasting, smooth, easy to drink wine. 

Tasting Notes: Well-balanced, oak, vanilla, chocolate, plum, and blackberry

costco wine

Popular winery from Monterey County, this wine is always a crowd pleaser for all types of wine drinkers. Make sure it is from their La Petite Grace vineyard.

Tasting Notes: Chocolate, cherry, raspberry, with some plum and blackberry notes.

malm cellars cross blend costco wine

Great red wine blend from Sonoma. At less than $15 a bottle, it’s an affordable red wine that I can enjoy on a regular basis. Malm Cellars makes good bottles of wine, so try it out next time you’re at Costco.

Tasting Notes: Cherry, honey, and chocolate with a little smoke. 

costco wine

This Cabernet Sauvignon comes from a well-known winery that has consistently outperformed in quality and price. Found these bottles recently at a new Costco.

Tasting Notes: Oak, coffee, blackberry, plum, leather, and chocolate.

costco wine

At around ~$13 for a Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir, this wine has amazing value. Head High is based in Sonoma County, and their Pinot bottles are a natural expressions of the region’s tremendous environment and fruit. 

Tasting Notes: Light-bodied, cherry, raspberry, oak, and earthy

mauro molina Barolo

Barolos are one of my favorite red wines. This is a great Italian wine to get if you are looking to impress while also under budget. These bottles are not always available on Costco’s shelves, so if you see it make sure to grab a bottle.

Tasting notes: Complex with earthy, oaky, cherries, red fruits, and tobacco 

Chianti is the most planted and popular red wine in Italy, and this bottle is an excellent example of a CCR (Chianti Classico Reserva) at a fantastic price. Simply delicious. 

Tasting notes: Dark fruits with earthy notes and hints of vanilla & oak

costco wine

This is the most accessible Argentina Mendoza Malbec you’ll find in the US, and Costco will normally have the best price. 

Tasting notes: Medium-bodied, oak and vanilla with dark fruit notes

This Australian wine is from the Barossa Valley and blends Australia’s most famous grape, the Shiraz, with some Cabernet Sauvignon. At the Costco price, you can’t say no to trying this great value Australian red blend.

Tasting notes: Well-rounded with hint of chocolate, and blackberry, dark fruit notes

costco wine

This winery was able to source exceptional grapes from Napa Valley to produce this Cabernet Sauvignon. Catching this wine for under $20 is an absolute steal at Costco.

Tasting notes: Bold and dry with notes of oak, leather, and blackberry 

costco wine

This excellent value wine is sold at many stores and is a fantastic option if you’re short on time. You should only buy this if it’s less than $15. At Costco, it should be around $10.

Tasting notes: Notes of dark fruits, vanilla, and toasted oak

costco wine

The Rutherford edition is a solid wine for under $20. It should be $12-14 at Costco.

Tasting notes: Rich red wine with oak and cherry notes

13) Taken Red Wine Blend

portuguese wines

Made by winemakers known for their good value wines. This red wine is one of their best wines. Perfect to drink after a long day. 

Tasting notes: Balanced, earthy, leather, and dark fruit notes

This well-known winery makes a variety of wines ranging from value to premium. This Cab is one of their best value red wine bottles, and Costco has it for the best price.

Tasting notes: Oak and dark fruit notes and a hint of plums

This wine is a must-try and definitely won’t disappoint. It is made by a French winery using California grapes.

Tasting notes: Bold and rich red wine with notes of dark fruit, oak, and vanilla

dei vino nobile di montepulciano

Dei Vino Nobile di Montepulciano is an Italian red wine made in the area around the picturesque hill-town of Montepulciano. This is a complex yet elegant wine with aromatics of red fruits, as well as notes of leather, licorice and earth. 

On the palate it has an excellent balanced of acidity and smooth tannins, that makes it the perfect accompaniment to red meats, game dishes, and pasta. 

Dei Vino Nobile di Montepulciano is a very enjoyable delicate yet full-bodied red wine that should not be missed if you are lucky enough to find it.

Tasting notes: Red fruits, earth, tobacco, oak, tart cherry, spices, licorice, and vanilla

Vietti barbera d'asti tre vigne

This impeccable red Italian wine is sure to please almost any enthusiast. With its balanced and smooth palate of red fruits and tart cherry, accented by earth and leather flavors. And this Barbera offers a hint of oak with well-integrated tannins and vibrant acidity on the finish. 

Tasting notes: Cherry, raspberry, cola, leather, oak, and earth

Seghesio-Sonoma Zinfandel best wine at walmart

Another fantastic wine from Sonoma, this Zinfandel has a fruity intensity with bright acidity. Plus there are many juicy flavors of dark fruits with an elegant finish.

For under $20, this is a great deal! Bring it to your next BBQ!

Tasting notes: Dark and red fruits, chocolate, and spices

decoy merlot best red wine at costco

Most people think of Cabernet Sauvignon when they hear the Decoy name. But they arguably make a better wine with their Merlot at a better price! 

There are notes of ripe black cherries, blackberries, and blueberries with a hint of juicy plum and vanilla. Additionally, the tobacco and earthy flavors provide a good complexity to this wine.


Tasting notes: Blackberries, cherries, blueberries, plum, vanilla, tobacco, and earth

best wine at costco

A delicious, medium bodied red blend from some of the best wine regions in California.  It has medium firm tannins, good acidity with dark fruit flavors and a pleasant finish. This winery continues to produce premium tasting wines at affordable prices. 

Tasting notes: Plum, black cherry, chocolate, oak, leather, and vanilla

best wine at costco

If you are looking for a fruit forward California Cabernet Sauvignon, this is the wine for you! It’s fruit-forward and medium-to-full-bodied that has flavors of dark berries, cherries, plums, and blueberries. 

Tasting notes: Dark and red fruits, oak, vanilla, and tobacco

best wine at costco

For a Chianti Classico under $20, you won’t find a better wine. It’s a medium bodied wine that is very well balanced with acidity and tannins. There are red fruit flavors along with earthy flavors of dried herbs, tobacco, oak, and smoke.

Tasting notes: Cherry, oak, tobacco, earth, and leather

And Best Sparkling Wines at Costco Under $20?

best costco wine

Roederer Estate is the California division of Champagne house Louis Roederer from France. And has been producing in the Anderson Valley since 1982. It is one of the best value sparkling wines from California and it’s available at Costco. 

Tasting Notes: Lemon, citrus, apple, pear, and a toasty finish

Kirkland Signature wines is Costco’s home brand. And for a sparkling wine from Italy that you can get from an inexpensive price tag of around $7, you might not find a better and more versatile bottle of wine much cheaper than this one.

Plus it would be a good bubbly to use of wine cocktails like Mimosas or Bellinis. 

Tasting Notes: Fruity flavors of green apple, pear, lemon, citrus, and toast at the end. 

If you go to Sonoma/Napa, and want to visit a winery that has gorgeous views, while tasting some of the best sparkling wines in the region… go to Gloria Ferrer. This is probably my favorite bubbly from this winery, just a refreshing and crisp California sparkling Rose!

Tasting Notes: Strawberry, cherry, raspberry, citrus, and cream

Best White Wines at Costco Under $20

costco wine

At under $20, this is highly-rated Sauvignon Blanc that pairs well with lots of different food. Easy to drink, crisp and refreshing vibrant white wine. 

Tasting Notes: Peach, pear, green apple, and creamy notes at the end. 

From the famous Wagner family of wine, this is just another great wine from them on the market. If you can find on any Costco Wine shelves, this Sauvignon Blanc will be a favorite for white wine lovers. 

Tasting Notes: Citrus, grapefruit, minerals, and tiny saltiness at the end. 

I have a friend who won’t drink anything else other than Ferrari Carano Fume Blanc during the summer time. At first I wasn’t sure why, but now who I understand why. It’s crisp and refreshing at an incredibly inexpensive price (~$12 at Costco). You can find this bottles of wine at any store, but Costco normally has the best price. 

Tasting Notes: Fresh apple, pineapple, pear, peach, and hints of oak

This fantastic Sonoma winery is located right off the Route 12 known for their Pinots and Chardonnays. This award-winning Chardonnay is full of flavors and a great example of a Sonoma Coast Chard. 

Tasting Notes: Lemon, baked apple pie, butterscotch, peach, and hints of oak and butter. 

There can’t be a list of great value white wines without a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand! This is elegant, refreshing, and has a mouthwatering acidity making it an excellent summer drink!

Tasting Notes: Grapefruit, lemon, peach, pear, and tropical fruits

Quite frankly this is the BEST Costco wine (Kirkland Signature Brand)! And yet another Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, but for less than $7?? This makes it a great choice if you’re looking for an affordable, crisp and refreshing white wine with citrus and tropical flavors.  

Tasting Notes: Citrus, grapefruit, tropical fruit, grass, and green apple 

And What Are The Best Costco Wines?

Chateau Montelena is one of the most highly-regarded wineries in Napa Valley Because they won one of the most important Blind Tasting Competitions ever (Judgement of Paris). And it essentially put Napa Valley on the map of the world’s best wine regions. They had won with their world famous Chardonnay. So, not known for their Zinfandel, this one is quite amazing that any wine lover would enjoy! I highly recommend!

Aged in American and French oak barrels, this wine is a beautiful expression of both a California Zinfandel and Italian Primitivo put together.

Not much needed to be said about this great wine. Just one of the best Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignons period. Normally just sold for a limited time in Costco because it will sell out very quickly. So if you see it, buy it! Anything under $80 is a good price.

Rich, full-bodied with incredible flavors on the palate. You can taste dark plum along side cassis, anise, chocolate, oak, smoky vanilla, and soft tannins this wine has it all!

Caymus has many of the best wine reviews for all their red wines in Napa Valley. They always deliver on taste. So get a bottle and pour yourself a glass! 

Heading to a dinner party and you want to bring a gift? Champagne is always a good choice! And the price for this Moët & Chandon Imperial Brut at Costco was only ~$37 (almost half off other stores’ prices). 

One of our favorite Champagne bottles and one of the best wine purchases you can make at Costco. Check out what we think about other Costco Champagnes.

The taste of the wine is delightful on the palate, with notes that include white peach and apple. It’s light yet complex at once – an excellent wine to celebrate with!

Speaking of Champagne… This is one of the best Champagne, regardless of price and probably the most recognized label in this world. And you may not find a better price at any other store! Highly rated wine reviews from many of the best wine critics and casual wine drinkers.

The most well-known premium New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc in the world! And I found the best price at Costco, only ~$26! Typically this wine sells for more than $35 – $40.

This Sauvignon Blanc gives you classic New Zealand aromas of grapefruit, lemon zest, passion fruit, grassiness and a hint of herbs. And on the palate it’s medium bodied with flavors of gooseberry, lime, guava and a hint of minerality.

For old world red wine lovers, you can really never go wrong with a Barolo (the King of Wines)!

This is a full-bodied wine with well-balanced tannins and bright acidity. And you can taste the crushed raspberry, red cherry, and strawberry  followed by earthy hints of rose petals, tar, orange zest, and licorice.

And for some the King of Wines, might just be a Brunello di Montalcino! 

This is a dry, earthy, and full bodied wine that needs to be decanted for at least 30 minutes before drinking. It has tremendous earthy notes of leather, forest floor, smoke, and oak on the nose. 

And Costco has the best price I have seen for this wine!

One of the most famous Champagne houses in the world, produces this fantastic value sparkling wine. And I’ve only seen it under $45 at Costco. 

This Champagne has fresh fruits flavors of peach, apple, and lemon on the palate. And they are then balanced with honey, almonds, brioche, and toast.

Typically over $120, I found this wine for ~$75 at Costco! Tremendous price for a delicious and complex premium wine. 

There are elegant dark fruit flavors of blackberry, plum, and blueberry along with earthy notes of leather, oak, tobacco, and smoke. 

More Costco Wine Related Articles


1) What Winery Makes Kirkland Signature Wines?

You will find that many wineries that produce wines under the Kirkland Signature label. It’s not just one winery. And that’s a good thing. You don’t want your US winery making Kirkland Signature Brunello, do you? Trust me you don’t =)

And if you want to find out where it is from more than likely it will be on the Kirkland Signature wine bottle.  And all you have to do is just a little research on Google.

2) Are Costco Wines any good?

If you are asking, are their any good wines to buy at Costco? Well the answer is a definite yes!

Costco sells some of the best wines in the world at the best prices. It is the largest retailer of wine in the US. So when are you shopping at Costco, stop by their wine section and have a look at their great deals!

Now if you are asking about Costco’s wine brand, Kirkland wine. And if this brand makes good wines, then I can tell you yes and no and so so. 

  • YES – Some of the Kirkland Signature wines are fantastic, especially for the price, like their Kirkland Signature Stags Leap District Cabernet Sauvignon.
  • NO – Others are a hard no for me, like the Kirkland Signature Chianti Classico. I had this wine last year, and it was not what I want from a Chianti Classico. 
  • SO SO – Their Kirkland Signature Asolo Prosecco, is not the best Prosecco, but its certainly worth drinking at ~$6/bottle. And another example  of a so so wine, depending on the vintage, is the  Kirkland Signature Sonoma County Old Vine Zinfandel 

Remember though, wine is subjective. What I may like, you may not and vice versa. AND please note that Costco won’t always stick with one producer forever. They change wine producers so one vintage may be completely different than the next vintage. 

 But one thing I know is that the prices can’t be any better and cheaper! 

3) What's a good Pinot Noir from Costco?

There are many good Pinot Noirs at Costco. Here is a list of a few:

  • Meiomi
  • Head High
  • Diora
  • Williamette Valley Vineyards
  • Etude
  • Joseph Phelps 

4) Who makes Kirkland Signature Cabernet?

Brandon Rice makes the Kirkland Signature Cabernet Columbia Valley from Washington. 

5) Who makes Kirkland Signature Malbec?

 Broquel Winery from Argentina

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