Top 7 Best Wine Glasses for 2022

best wine glasses

What are the best wine glasses? What makes a good wine glass?

First off, here are a few terms that you will come across when purchasing wine glasses:

Crystal vs Glass – Crystal is thinner, better-looking, and more expensive. Glass is more durable and the taste difference is minimal.

Hand-blown (mouth-blown) vs machine-made glass – Clarity of hand-blown glasses are much better

Dishwasher safe – Durability, easy to wash, always a positive.

Shape of the glass – To be honest with you, just have a bowl-shaped glass that has enough room to swirl the wine and collect the aromas (at least 18oz, preferably more).


Does a wine glass make the wine taste different?

Not really… but a well-made crystal, hand-blown glass does give you a slightly different experience. It eliminates the edge of the wine glass so that the wine flows into your mouth more smoothly. And again, it just looks and feels so much better. But, at that price, it’s definitely not mandatory.

But, to be honest with you, any glass or even cup that can hold liquid will do. As you will see in my list below…

Here is our list of Best Wine Glasses:

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The Zalto wine glass is used in many of the finest restaurants all over the world. Even though it doesn’t come cheap, it’s the most beautiful glass to drink from.

Wine does taste better in a Zalto glass. I can’t even explain it, but here I go…

“The bowls of Zalto glasses are ultra-thin and designed at the specific angles of 24°, 48° and 72°. These are, per their website, “in accordance to the tilt angles of the Earth,” which supposedly create “cosmic parallels” that make the wine smell and taste better.”

Okay… that’s a little crazy!

But in all honesty, in my opinion, the wine does taste a tiny bit better. You can really see the color and clarity of the wine. The thinness of this glass makes the wine smoother which really allows you to taste the wine. And most importantly or not, it does look “so much cooler”. And this lightweight glass is exquisite in touch and feel.

So, it takes the #1 spot. If you want to splurge or if you take wine seriously, go for it!

  • Crystal – Ultra-thin
  • Dishwasher safe (This glass is fragile but surprisingly not as fragile as you may think)
  • 26oz capacity
  • Mouth-blown/hand-blown

2) Kirkland Costco made by Riedel glasswares – Best VALUE


The largest retailer of wines should and does provide a solid wine glass for the best value. Made by one of the biggest and well-known wine glass manufacturers in the world, this CRYSTAL wine glass does the job and most people would probably think each glass is at least $10-20. However, these glasses sell for as low as $12 for a set of 8 glasses!

  • Crystal
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 26oz capacity
  • Break Resistant

3) Crate and Barrel Long Stem – Best SHOW

For all you Olivia Pope/Scandal fans, this one is the most show-stopping glass. With its long stem (over 10 inches tall) and bubble bowl – creating almost a floating cloud of wine on your table. This glass is a fancy crowd-pleasing glass at $14/glass.

  • Crystalline glass – lead-free crystal
  • 23 oz capacity
  • Handwash

So, you are having a large party, and you are looking for disposable/recyclable glass to make your cleaning duties less difficult. However, you want it to remain classy or just look like normal stemless wine glasses. TOSSWARE has the perfect plastic wine glass that will fool some of your guests. It’s made so well that some won’t even know its plastic.

  • 18oz plastic tumbler
  • Unbreakable
  • Recyclable plastic

If high fashion and wine came together, they would produce this glass. This glass stands over a foot tall (12.795 inches), with a long, beautiful red thin stem. This glass would be served on a yacht or in the HBO series “Succession”.

To be honest, I shouldn’t even put this on the list, because it can only really be used with champagne/sparkling wine. Making the glass not very versatile.

But, I placed this one on the list to show you that when drinking sparkling wine/champagne, you should never use a flute glass. Even the best champagne glasses in the world should be bowl-shaped to allow for the aromas of the sparkling wine to breathe.

  • Lead-free crystal
  • Handmade
  • Handwash

For those who enjoy using a stemless wine glass, Riedel makes the best wine tumbler. It is stable and reliable as well as easy to hold. The easier to drink, the better.

And for those that may question stemless wine glasses… As long as you are NOT babysitting your wine glass, a stemless wine glass may be a better alternative.

When I was in Italy, most not all restaurants/bars were serving wine in small tumblers. And it didn’t affect me from enjoying the delicious wines.

  • Crystal
  • 21.1 oz
  • Dishwasher safe

7) Red Solo or ANY Cup - Most ACCESSIBLE

I know so uncouth… But I mean, haven’t we all used these before? Honestly, I’ve tasted some great wines in these cups. Yes, you can’t see the color in the cup, nor the clarity of the wine, etc… but it still WORKS for all of us WineOs out there!

The wine is the star, and although this cup might not be helping it shine, it still provides a vessel for us to drink the wine of our choice.

Now let’s get some wine, check out our Top 10 wines at Costco!

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