Do You Refrigerate Pinot Noir?

Do you Refrigerate Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is one of the world’s most cherished red wines, known for its delicate, complex flavors and its one of my favorite wines.

But when it comes to proper storage and serving, do you refrigerate a bottle of Pinot Noir? The answer may surprise you.

Understanding Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir, a thin-skinned grape, is known for producing light to medium-bodied red wines with a wide range of fruit-forward flavors. These can include red fruits like cherry, raspberry, and strawberry, as well as earthy undertones, depending on where the grapes are grown. 

This versatility makes Pinot Noir an excellent choice for food pairing, but it also means that serving it at the right temperature is essential to fully appreciate its unique characteristics.

Pinot Noir Ideal Serving Temperature

After lots of trial and error, my ideal serving temperature for Pinot Noir falls between 57°F and 60°F.

Should you break out the thermometer to measure the temperature of the red wine? No, but make sure to serve it below room temperature. Basically, the wine should be served slightly chilled. Because serving Pinot Noir at this temperature enhances its fruit-forward and earthy notes, making it more enjoyable to drink Pinot Noir.

When to Refrigerate?

While it is not necessary to put a Pinot Noir in a fridge for long-term storage, chilling it for a short period before serving can help achieve the ideal temperature. Here are a few scenarios in which refrigeration may be helpful:

  1. A Warm Environment: If you’re living in a warm climate or your wine storage area is consistently above the recommended temperature, it’s a good idea to refrigerate for about an hour before serving.
  2. In a Rush: If you’ve just purchased a bottle of Pinot Noir and need to serve it quickly, placing it in the refrigerator for a brief period can help chill Pinot Noir and bring it down to the ideal temperature.
  3. Experimentation: Personal preferences can vary, and some may find that they enjoy Pinot Noir slightly chilled. Feel free to experiment with different serving temperatures of the red wine to find what works best for you and your guests.

Pinot Noir Storage Tips

store pinot noir

For optimal long-term storage, the best temperature to store Pinot Noir for long-term storage is between 50°F – 58°F. Maintaining a consistent temperature in this range helps preserve the wine’s quality and prevents it from aging too quickly or developing unwanted flavors.

Ideally, the storage area should also be dark and free from vibrations or strong odors. Therefore storing Pinot Noir wines can be achieved with a dedicated wine refrigerator (wine fridge), a wine cellar, or even a well-insulated closet.

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