Dom Perignon at Costco

dom perignon at costco

Probably the best store to buy Dom Perignon is at Costco!

They have a fantastic selection and prices for some of the most prestigious liquor, wine, and Champagne! And that includes Dom Perignon 2010.

Even those who haven’t popped a vintage probably heard of Dom Perignon – the very first Prestige Cuvee and arguably one of the most famous wines in the world. It’s the name (and bottle) that evoked indulgence and luxury!

dom perignon at costco

Quick Facts about Dom Perignon

  • Named after a Benedictine monk called Dom Pierre Perignon who lived in Champagne
  • Made by Moet & Chandon
  • Despite its prestige, it’s NOT a Grand Cru Champagne because while most of it is made of grapes from Grand Cru vineyards, they always include some of their grapes from the original plot, which is a Premier Cru vineyard
  • It’s a Vintage Champagne always! Grapes used are always only from a single year. They don’t produce non-vintage!
  • Made with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes. The percentage is usually between 60/40 or 50/50, depending on the flavor profiles per season.
  • Never remove the foil around the cage! The Dom Perignon bottles have a traditional antique foil meant to remain adhered to the bottle. So, when you open you open the bottle, just pull the tab through the foil, removing the cage as if the foil is not there.

Is Dom Perignon Worth It?

Yes, absolutely! It’s especially worth it opened for a celebratory event!

I must say there are really no bad vintages, but there are exceptional ones (02, 04, 08, for instance). Although you will definitely pay a premium price, Dom Perignon will always get a taste of quality Champagne with it’s “powerful” flavors!

Where to Buy Dom Perignon 2010?

Get your bottle of Dom Perignon 2010 at:

In short, there’s no better place to buy it for the best price than Dom Perignon at Costco! 

Dom Perignon 2010 Tasting Notes

Dry and crisp with nice acidity. You can also taste the flavors of tropical fruits, brioche, nutty toast, apple, pear, and citrus. Overall, it’s well-balanced and elegant.

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