How Many Bottles In A Case Of Wine?

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I know many of you wine lovers like to go to a local wine shop and just get a bottle of wine or two! And you just want to have one wine glass for the night. 

I completely understand. Most often, you just want to try something new and buy just one wine bottle for the night. 

But like most things, when buying wine in bulk, you save quite a bit more. 

And let’s face it if you are a wine drinker you probably enjoy more than one standard bottle of wine per week. And I know the wine cost can be pretty high upfront if you buy a case of wine. But to be honest, it is worth it!

Not to mention, if you buy wine online, there’s a certain purchase minimum for your order to get FREE shipping.

 By the way if you have issues preserving the wine, invest in a Coravin

How Many Bottles in a Case of Wine?

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The industry standard is 12 bottles (750 ml) in one (1) wine case.

But be careful.

Some producers will, for whatever reason, would call six (6) bottles of wine as one case (normally for higher-end wines).

And sometimes, they will call it a case for 6 “special” different wine bottle sizes, like magnum bottles (1.5 L). The standard wine bottle size is 750mL.

Why Should You Buy a Case of Wine?

Discounts and Shipping

When buying wine in bulk, a discount often applies.

Usually, buying a case of wine means you get at least 10-20% off the average bottle cost. 

Plus, a case usually qualifies you for FREE shipping. That’s a huge money saver!

Sometimes, you have to buy 12 bottles of the exact same wine. Other times, stores will allow you to mix and match 12 different bottles of wine. So you can get sparkling wine, sweet wine, white and red wine.

If you have to buy 12 of the same bottles, then only if you know you love it should you buy it.

Whenever you get a case of wine, make sure you get one or two bottles of higher-end, good quality wines (something over what you normally spend on wines). Because the higher the price, the bigger discount you can get.

Tips on How to Buy a Case of Wine

  • There’s a simple rule/tip – buy wines that you know you like!
  • Another thing, buy bottles from wine regions you like.
  • Always use Vivino to check the scores of the wines
  • Or ask people at the wine store. Although that only works if you’re asking someone who’s passionate about wine too. Still, that isn’t a guarantee that they like the same wines you do.
  • Still unsure? Ask WineO Mark for recommendations!

If you want to discover new wines and expand your palate, this is the best time to add a few new wines you haven’t tasted before or that you are not sure of. Because again, they will all be discounted.

How Many Bottles of Wine Should You Buy for Your Party?

Use Our Wine Party Calculator

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