Why Is Freakshow Wine So Popular?

freakshow wine

Another popular wine that is now available in cans!

You can’t miss the circus-themed label covering the entire bottle/can. They also have one character for each one of their varietals. 

Overall, Freakshow wine has tremendous marketing combined with a winery with lots of experience in this level of wine.

Quick Facts About Freakshow Wine

freakshow wine
  • Michael David Winery is the producer with brothers Michael and David Phillips as the founders (5th generation grape growers)
  • Currently sells their Cab and Chardonnay wines in 4-pack cans
  • Now over 350K cases sold from the 5K cases sold in 2012
  • Sourced from Lodi, California (just south of Sacramento). Another up and coming wine region in CA
  • Freakshow wines are intended to be enjoyed anytime, anywhere – easy to drink wines, best for outdoor events, sports events, beachside, poolside, and more!
  • Labels: Cabernet has “strongman” on the label, Zinfandel has “Dazzling Fire Mistress,” Chardonnay has Poseidon’s daughter “Madison,” and Freakshow Red Blend has “wolfman” on the label
  • Upon purchase, download the interactive face filter app so you can become one of the outlandish label characters called the “Freakshow Maskerade.”

How Many Different Types of Wines Do They Have?

Freakshow initially highlighted its bold Cabernet Sauvignon wine, but now has something for everyone with a collection of varietals:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Chardonnay
  • Zinfandel
  • “Petite Petit” Petite Sirah (sold in a box)
  • Syrah  
  • Red Blend

Only the Cab and Chard are sold in bottles and cans, too, 4-pack of 187mL canned wines, while the Petite Petit (Petite Sirah and Petite Verdot blend) is sold on a box.

4 Cans = 1 Bottle of Wine

Freakshow Wine Tasting Notes

Cabernet Sauvignon

Fruit-forward and smooth with flavors of oak, vanilla, dark fruits, blackberry, and plum.

Red Blend

It tastes a lot similar to their Cabernet wine. You can taste the same flavors of oak and blackberry with hints of cherry. However, there are some slightly slippery notes in the mix (due to the Syrah blend).


Fruit-forward with a slightly buttery taste and notes of pear and apple.

Where to Buy Freakshow Wine?

Anywhere! We’ve seen it sold virtually anywhere where wine is sold, available from $16 to $22. But retail on their website is $20 for their wine cans (4-pack).

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