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head high pinot noir

In surfing slang, “head high” refers to the perfect sized wave – one that builds to the height of a rider’s head

The Head High Pinot Noir is a fruit-forward wine that’s tasty and easy to drink. At a price of around $20, you aget a high-quality Pinot Noir that can be a versatile food pairing wine.

Who Makes Head High Pinot Noir?

This Pinot Noir is produced by Head High Wines which is located in Sonoma County. The co-founders are Bill Price III and Prema Behan. Bill is also responsible for wine growing and Prema acts as the general manager of the winery.

The winery is built by adventurous winemakers, explorers, and surfers whose goals are to produce high-quality wines at attractive prices. Their aim is to make great wines available to everyone. 

Also good to note, Bill Price III was the chairman of Kosta Browne from 2009 to 2015. Kosta Brown is one of the premier Pinot Noir wineries in Sonoma, if not in the world. So it’s safe to say they know wine.

Head High Pinot Noir Review


You can easily recognize the wines of Head High because there’s a huge “H” logo on the bottle. On the glass, this Pinot Noir has a light red color.


From smelling the top of the glass, I get red fruit aromas such as cherry, raspberry, cranberry, and plum. I also get a hint of vanilla, some earthy notes, and spices.


The Head High Pinot Noir is a very fruity-forward wine with tart acidity. There are flavors of cherries, raspberries, and red plums. There are also some oak and licorice flavors on the back of the palate.


This wine is medium-bodied, dry, and has a mid to high acidity. It has a smooth oaky finish that balances the bold tastes of the fruit. Overall, the flavors are well integrated with a hint of spice making the wine slightly peppery yet easy to drink.

Where to Buy?

The Head High Pinot Noir is available in many wine retail stores at a price of around ~$20. You can also buy it at Vivino, Total Wine, Wine.com, Costco, Bevmo, and more.

WineO Mark Rating

Head High Pinot Noir

Recommend - For Pinot Noir Lovers, CA wine lovers
80 Points
  • Cost: $19.99
  • Quality Price Ratio: B
  • Taste: B
Good value

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