Saldo Wine Zinfandel Review

saldo wine

Saldo wine is from the Prisoner Wine Company. And they make this delicious yet affordable California Zinfandel.

Its minimalistic yet eye-catching wine label – just the name “Saldo” and nothing else – makes for great branding, making it noticeable in any wine aisle.

But this wine is famous not because of that, but because people love it and for a good reason.

Quick Facts About Saldo Wine Zinfandel

saldo wine zinfandel
  • “Saldo” is an Italian word that translates to “I weld” or “I join” – speaking of the precision and craftsmanship put into making the wine.
  • In Latin, “Saldo” means “here and there” – meaning the grapes used to make the wine didn’t come from a single place.
  • Features the grapes from Dry Creek, Lodi, and Amador, some of the top wine regions of Zinfandel in CA for decades
  • Blend of 85% Zinfandel and a 15% blend of Petite Sirah and Syrah

Saldo Wine Zinfandel Review

A 4.2 Vivino Score (with over 27K reviews) shows how well-loved this red wine is. And we rate this high as well, a very good CA Zinfandel. 

Quality-wise, the winery only uses the high-quality grapes sourced from some of the best vineyards and appellations in the CA wine region for Zinfandel.

It’s serious and bold but still approachable. If you want to broaden your wine palate, this bottle is a great introduction to CA Zinfandel with its silky smoothness and jammy dark fruit, and well-balanced flavors throughout.

Saldo Zinfandel Tasting Notes

saldo wine tasting notes

Where to Buy Saldo Wine?

Get a bottle from Costco or check it out through Total Wine or Vivino and pay anywhere between $26 to $35. 

The Prisoner Wine Company website retails a bottle of this Zinfandel for $32. 

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