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Whenever I go to a restaurant and order a bottle of wine, I’m always fascinated by how long it takes for the waiter/waitress to open a bottle of wine–how fast or slow they go.

Because normally the waiter/waitress has to interrupt the conversation at the table to confirm the bottle that was purchased. When this happens, they grab all the attention and all eyes on them.

And I understand this situation very well. Having done over 700 wine events, I’ve opened thousands of bottles of wine in front of large audiences.

And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve opened a bottle and cut my fingers on the foil. Those little pieces of foil are notorious for giving small cuts.

But the reason the foil is so likely to cut your finger is because of a dull knife/cutter on your wine key. If dull, it makes it very difficult to get a clean cut that allows you to easily pull off the foil.

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#1 Tip for Opening Wine

So my #1 TIP to successfully opening bottles of wine fast and efficient, is the simple 4-WHEEL FOIL CUTTER. Quite frankly this may be the most important wine accessory you can buy.

Because getting the foil cap off is the most time-consuming part of opening wine. The most efficient foil cutter is a simple 4-wheel cutter. By simply squeezing and twisting, you can pull the foil right off.

And you can buy a simple and functional pair of foil cutters on Amazon for only $7!

Then we can finally move to the next most important wine accessory… the wine opener. 

What are the Different Types of Wine Openers?

Best Everyday

Wine Key/Waiter's Corkscrew​

waiter's corkscrew wine opener

When you imagine a classic wine opener, this is probably what you’re thinking of. And these wine openers are simple and PORTABLE. But it does take some skill/practice to become good to open wine bottles quickly.

TWO (2) things to look for when purchasing a Wine Key:

  • Double-hinged (aka two-step/split lever) design to help remove even the longest and most fragile corks with ease.
  • A SHARP, serrated foil knife.
Most Easy to Use

Electric Wine Opener​

electric wine opener

The electric wine bottle opener is more popular than ever because of how easy they make it to open a bottle of wine. Just charge your electric wine opener, grab a bottle, and you’re good to go. Normally an electric wine opener will come with a foil cutter, so there’s no need to purchase one separately.

Most Fun to Use

Air Pressure Wine Opener​

electric wine opener

This unique wine opener uses a low-pressure inert gas cartridge to gently pop the cork off of the wine bottle.

Fastest to Use

Lever Corkscrew Wine Opener​

rabbit automatic electric corkscrew lever corkscrew

Push and pull the lever and that’s it. Sometimes these lever corkscrews are actually more difficult to use than people think. But if used correctly, you can open a bottle of wine pretty quickly. 

Most Difficult to Use

Twist and Pull Wine Opener

Simple, small, and cheap. You normally find these in your hotel room. Just twist into the cork and pull hard to open. Be warned, it takes some effort to pull out the cork.

Good Backup

Wing Corkscrew Wine Opener

electric wine opener

Here’s how to use it. Screw the worm into the cork and both of the wings come up. And then push both wings down and the cork comes out.

Ah-So Two-Prong Cork Puller

For Professional Use

This bottle opener is kind of like using tweezers down you the wine bottle’s neck to pull out the cork and open your wine. And I’ve only ever really seen sommeliers or wine experts use this device. 

Because this cork puller is mainly used for older wine bottles with older corks. So that the older corks don’t shred and get into the wine. And this takes considerable skill to pull out the cork with this wine opener. 

What are the Best Wine Openers?

We independently research, select, and recommend the best products. So when you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. 


  • Fun – This is a really cool wine gadget, making it a show stopper for guests. Cork pops are easy to use. Simply insert the needle straight down through the cork, press once, and be amazed as the cork pops right out.
  • Fast – It takes a few seconds to use. Cork Pops uses a low-pressure inert gas cartridge to gently pop the cork from a wine bottle without affecting the taste of the wine.
  • Easy to use No skill is required to use. Just remember to hold the bottle tight when you open it.


  • Cork Pops can only be used for traditional wine bottles.
  • Cork Pops uses cartridges to work. These cartridges must be replaced every 60-80 bottles of wine. They are about $14 for two cartridges, so its something to remember.


  • Easy to Use – This wine opener uses a simple push and pull lever system. From personal experience, my parents have used this for the past decade with good results and no complaints.
  • Fast – It takes just a few seconds to open your bottle.


  • This wine opener is large and not very mobile.
  • New model has gotten some poor reviews because the lever has broken for many people. However I’ve never encountered an issue and there are still mostly good reviews for this product.


  • Easy to use – This wine opener is extremely easy to use. No pressure or strength needed, just press the button.
  • Fast – It takes about 6-10 seconds to open a bottle of wine with this opener.
  • Included foil cutter


  • Not small and includes a charging station
  • Must keep it charged to work

4) Best Gift - L'Atelier Du vVn Lever Style Chrome & Wood Corkscrew

best wine openers


  • Elegant design and beautifully made -Crafted from solid walnut wood and chrome coated metal alloy
  • Integrated foil cutter
  • Can be personalized – Perfect gift or Distinct look


  • Expensive

5) Best Two Prong - L’Atelier du Vin Bilami Twin-Blade Corkscrew


  • Great for older bottles – Keeps cork fully intact 
  • Reinsert corks – Can also be used to easily reinsert corks back into bottles
  • Designed and made in France


  • Difficult to use 

6) Best Winged Corkscrew - Benomo Winged Wine Bottle Opener

winged corkscrew


  • Built-in Bottle Opener – Multifunctional opener for bottles    
  • Ergonomic grip Design – Best part of this tool
  • Relatively affordable


  • Made of Zinc Alloy – Some reviewers experienced non-sturdy product


  • Best Value – This is the cheapest, most durable wine bottle opener and it always gets the job done.
  • Portable – It fits in your pocket. Not only is it portable but it is also effective and functional for virtually any wine bottle. It is perfect for waiters, hence the name “waiter’s corkscrew.”
  • Built in foil cutter


  • The foil cutter is hit or miss and might be too dull to be useful. Make sure you have a separate 4-wheel cutter on hand.
  • Does take some skill or practice to use. Takes about 20-40 seconds to open bottle with the wine key. Some of our interns recently tested this wine opener. Without any practice, several of our interns took about a minute to open the wine bottle. 


  • My favorite wine bottle opener. I’ve purchased more than 5 of them. To be honest, there is not much difference between this corkscrew and the HiCoup Wine Key.
  • However, one obvious difference is that the wine openers I bought have a SHARP serrated foil knife. I might have gotten lucky, but they also feel very strong and sturdy. And the double hinged/two-step level corkscrew gets the cork out very fast.


  • This corkscrew is more expensive than the average wine key.

What is a Wine Opener Called?

Generally a wine opener is called a corkscrew or a wine key.

A corkscrew is a device that is used to remove the cork from a wine bottle. And the corkscrew consists of a metal spiral that is inserted into the cork and then turned in order to extract it from the bottle.

Finally, there are many different types of wine openers, but the most common type is the wine key aka the waiter’s corkscrew.

How Can I Open a Wine Bottle Without a Corkscrew?

If you don’t have a corkscrew, there are still several ways that you can open a wine bottle. And we outline it perfectly for you in this article (How to Open a Wine Bottle Without a Corkscrew)! 

Now let’s go find some wines! Check out our list for 29 Best Red Wines. 

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