14 Best Wine Cork Holder for Every Wine Lover | 2022

wine cork holder

Wine Cork Holders can not only be very functional and practical, but they can also look great as a decoration in your house (from a barrel cork side table to a hot chic pad). 

So if you drink a lot and like collecting wine corks, we have some deals for you.

Again, there are many reasons why you get a wine cork holder:

  • Looking for a gift for a WineO?
  • Do you drink a lot and are not sure how to save all your wine corks?
  • Do you just like collecting wine corks?

What are the 14 Best Wine Cork Holders?

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1) Barrel Cork Catcher Side Table

Barrel Cork Catcher Side Table

So, this is the best wine cork cage for all wine enthusiasts and cork collectors. And it’s perfect for those with large collections, like thousands of wine corks! Not to mention, it makes an impressive piece of furniture too – classy, rustic Italian décor perfect for the living room, kitchen, or for someone who has a room for a side table in their wine cellar. 


  • Holds up to 2,000 corks (large wine cork holder)
  • Attractive bar furniture fits well with several home décor styles
  • Available for personalization using chalk markers on the chalkboard plaque


  • The opening for inserting corks is small and at the back, maybe not the most convenient for wine cork cages.

2) Metal Monogram Wine Cork Holder

2. Metal Monogram Wine Cork Holder

This piece of wall décor is available in many different letters. So, it can be a fantastic housewarming gift to a wine lenthusiast, whether you get them their initials or spell out their name. Moreover, it’s a clever way to display corks since they won’t fall out.


  • Fully customizable: get one or multiple letters to spell initials, name, or your favorite wine region
  • Easy to mount on the wall using a single nail
  • Decorative wine cork storage
  • Can also stand freely on top of the bar counter or the ledge


  • Some letters won’t stand up easily or at all, like “T,” which could be top-heavy, and “W” because it has two pointy bottoms.

3) Antique Barrel Wine Cork Holder

Cute and small wine bottle cork holder to hold special remembrances for the wines you opened to celebrate any occasion. So, it’s perfect if you have a smaller wine cork collection. Because it’s one of the smaller wine cork cages.

And it would look adorable on the bar or the kitchen counter.


  • High-quality metal material – durable, sturdy, and rust-proof
  • Beautiful copper plating complements well with many décor styles
  • Suitable for displaying wine bottle corks on tables, bar countertops, or the wine cabinet


  • Maybe smaller than expected

4) Wooden California Wine Cork Map

wine cork holder

And this one is a priceless gift for a wine enthusiast who want to display their wine cork collection from the very best wines from every state. 

Going on a wine tour in California? Get a California-specific wine cork map. Or get your own state. Makes for an attractive wall art!


  • Available in different state-specific maps, choose from all 50 US states
  • Easy mounting on the wall, pre-drilled, and already includes mounting hardware
  • Fantastic wall décor for wine collectors


  • It can only hold so many wine corks per state map

5) Personalized Reclaimed Wine Barrel Cork Display

wine cork holder

It’s a personalized wine cork holder that will look great on the wall – perfect for those wanting a custom wine cork décor for the cellar or the kitchen. This is the ultimate gift for all wine lovers!


  • Available for personalization to make the wine cork holder even more special and classy
  • One-of-a-kind piece since it’s made of reclaimed wood. You can be 100% sure that no two items are identical.
  • Easily open the bunghole on top of the barrel wine cork holder to add corks
  • Decorative wine cork storage


  • The opaque “personalized” script color can get lost with the corks inside

6) Big Bordeaux Glass Cork Holder

Big Bordeaux Glass wine Cork Holder

So this is a quirky home décor piece, perfect if you want something elegant and hilarious at the same time.

If you ever wanted a wine cork holder that can also be a giant wine glass for when a special occasion calls for it, this one is for you!


  • Wine glass can fill up to 200 corks, so it’s perfect for an avid wine drinker
  • Wine glass is made with a heavy base for excellent stability on your countertop
  • Suitable for multipurpose use: punch bowl, candy bowl, wine or champagne ice bucket chiller


  • It doesn’t come cheap

7) Wine Cork Trivet

wine cork trivet

This practical wine cork trivet is a unique addition to every kitchen, especially if you love to cook. It doesn’t only hold corks but repurpose them to make a chic hot pad.


  • Unique concept and eco-friendly wine cork holder
  • Kitchen home décor and unique serving tray in one
  • Made of sturdy rubberwood material


  • A bit small. So, if you drink wine regularly, you’re going to need two or more of these.
  • Can’t use Champagne corks

8) Wine Cork Container Cage

wine cork holder

Another ideal kitchen and bar accessory for all wine drinkers who want to collect years’ worth of memories and celebrations paired with a good bottle of wine. It’s a very decorative wine cork cage that looks like a vase.

So, it’s perfect for your bar counter or a centerpiece.


  • Wide top makes it easy to drop the corks in the container
  • Sturdy freestanding metal construction with a stylish rustic finish
  • Holds up to 150 wine corks


  • The upper portion of the vase doesn’t add much to its cork storage space

9) True Dog Wine Cork Holder

True Dog Wine Cork Holder

And for a fun and cute wine cork holder to get every dog loving, wine aficionado you know, including yourself. This charming wine cork cage is something you can proudly display in any room, especially with the classically elegant rustic bronze finish. It can hold around 50 wine corks.


  • It has stainless steel construction, so it’s designed to last, and only minimal upkeep is necessary
  • Adorable and fun design for all dog and wine lovers alike
  • Available in other styles: cats, pigs, dachshunds


  • The wires around the bottom part are slightly apart, so there’s a tendency for the wine corks to come out

10) Modular Cork Catcher System

wine cork holder

Looking for the perfect wine rack that also doubles as storage and a display piece? Look no further than our Modular Cork Catcher System! 

This stylish wine holder is perfect for any wine lover, plus it’s modular construction means you can collect your favorite sips and commemorate treasured memories with a section for corks. So add a touch of character to any wall or room with this must-have wine rack.


  • You can store up to 6 of your favorite wines and hang up to 3 stemmed wine glasses.
  • Two wine cork cages per set 
  • It holds wine bottles, corks, and wine glasses
  • Great conversation piece with guests


  • 5 pieces per set make it a little difficult to put together
  • Image above shows two sets

11) Wine Cork Board Kit

Looking for a fun, creative way to display your photos and memos? Look no further than our Large Wine Cork Board Kit. 

With this kit, you can turn all of your favorite corks you’ve been saving into a stylish bulletin board. The mahogany wood frame is the perfect backdrop for your cork masterpiece, and we even provide instructions so you can get started right away. 

So grab a nice bottle of your favorite vintage and start crafting!


  • Simple and fun craft project
  • Very functional to use as a bulletin board. Easy to pin a sign onto
  • Great to hang up in the office to impress customers and at home to impress guests


  • Corks are not included
  • Don’t use champagne corks

12) Wine Cork Coaster

best wine cork holder

Wine Cork Coasters are the perfect way to show your love of wine and your eco-friendly side. These coasters come with mahogany frames and instructions for you to fill them with keepsake or used wine corks. Not only will you be preserving memories, but you’ll also be protecting your tabletops from stain


  • Only a few corks (approximately 8 wine corks) are required to complete one Wine Cork Coaster.
  • Inexpensive and very functional to save you countertop
  • Fun and easy to make


  • Must use corks of same width

13) Wine Cork Lazy Susan Kit

best wine cork holder

This fun and unique Wine Cork Lazy Susan Kit is the perfect way to show off your eclectic taste in wines. The durable metal ring at the base rotates solidly on ball bearings, ensuring many happy turns! Includes a plastic/plexiglass top. 

Made of long-lasting, eco-friendly mahogany sourced from sustainable tree plantations, this piece is sure to be a hit at your next party!


  • Eco-friendly mahogany 
  • Can hold more than 300 corks 


  • Some reviews say the Lazy Susan does not turn easily

14) Wall Mounted Wine and Stemware Rack with Cork Catcher

Are you looking for a stylish way to store your wine and stemware? 

Then check out this wall mounted rack! Not only does it look great, but it’s also functional. This rack can hold up to 12 bottles of wine and six stemmed glasses. Plus, the cork catcher window adds a touch of elegance. So if you’re looking for a functional and decorative piece, this is the perfect choice.


  • Unique wall-mounted storage piece evokes the style of a refined rustic wine cellar
  • Features 12 wine bottle slots, a stemware rack for 6 wine glasses, small shelf, and windowed large wine cork holder for display
  • Sandblasted from mango wood
  • Decorative wine cork storage


  • Difficult to move once mounted


If you drink lots of wine, don’t just throw away the cork. You can use them to help decorate the house by using one of these wine accessories and/or wine cork holders above. 

AND it will show how much of a WineO you truly are! =)

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