15 Best Wine Fridge and Wine Coolers for 2023

As a true WineO, we must understand that wine is delicate and it does need proper storage. The problem with finding a good solution is that they don’t come cheap. And most of us don’t have access to large wine cellars in their basement (at least I don’t).

But at least you know it’s quite important to invest in a wine refrigerator and keep your bottles safe. 

So we have done the research for you to find the best wine refrigerators (holds more than 150 bottles) and wine coolers (holds less than 50 bottles) for your home! And spending this much money on a home appliance you want to make sure you get what you paid for. 

But first, here are the main factors we look at:

How To Choose a Wine Fridge?

5 Factors of a Wine Fridge dual zone wine storage


Obviously the biggest factor when purchasing almost anything.


This is important because if you have your wine refrigerator in a high traffic area, lots of noise may annoy you/housemates/guests.


Half of all wine coolers/wine fridges are placed in basements and garages. However, the other half will be placed in the living room, kitchen, built in, or another highly usable room. So the overall look of the right wine cooler is important for some.

Temperature Stability

It’s maybe more important to keep the temperature stable than to keep the temperature low. Some wine refrigerators fluctuate and some aren’t operating at the temperature shown on the machine.  If you have different types of wines, it might be better to look for dual zone wine coolers. 

Removable Racks

The versatility of the wine refrigerator is also very important. Not all bottles of wine were created equal. Many bottles have different sizes and shapes and larger sizes. Nowadays, most wine refrigerators do have removable and adjustable shelves.

Another important factor should be customer service from the seller company. To be honest, durability is an issue with most coolers. 

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What are the Best Wine Coolers?

We independently select and recommend the best products. So when you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

1) Colzer


  • Extremely low noise and low vibration.
  • Looks amazing as a free-standing or built in wine cooler, especially with the stainless steel door trim and dual pane temper glass door. Oak racks make for a more elegant design. And the racks are strong and durable.
  • Temperature control is good range (41 – 72 degrees). 30 % energy saving. Clear LCD display with easy control panel.
  • Bottle Capacity says 32 bottles but holds more like 25-30 bottles.

2) Pheistina 46 bottle


  • Extremely quiet and higher energy efficiency than most wine refrigerators.
  • Looks great! Can be a free-standing or built in for any room of the house.
  • Dual Zone Design: Temperature of the upper zone is 40-50 degrees, the lower zone is 50-66 degrees. The front vent design will allow heat to come out from the front instead of it staying in your cabinet.
  • Racks are slated and can hold bigger Pinot Noir or Champagne bottles
  • Bottle Capacity: Only holds about 35-40 bottles comfortably

3) Koolatron 20 | Lowest Price*


  • Great price for the function that you pay for.  
  • Metal curved racks to fit each bottle. 
  • Removable racks but probably only fits about 15-18 standard bottles
  • Temperature stability is good and its free-standing or built in.
  • A little noisy and not too much vibration if any.
  • Not the most attractive wine cooler, but does the job. Probably best in a low traffic area where not many ppl can see it.

4) Kuppet 27 bottle

Just FYI – their 19-bottle cooler is not good to store wines. Make sure to get the 27-bottle one if you are going to use it for wine storage.


  • Price for this free-standing or built in cooler
  • Looks great, very sleek, could definitely place in your living room or guest room. 
  • Removable racks and different types of racks. Curved shelves to hold your wine or flat shelves to hold other beverages/wine.
  • Easy-touch temperature control. Did well with our test in regards to staying cool.
  • Little noisy
  • Bottle Capacity: Some types of bottles may not fit and will only fit about 20-24 bottles.

5) Kalamera 18 bottle | Best Compact*


  • Very quiet, good-looking compact wine cooler for any wine enthusiast.
  • Fits in Small Spaces: Cooler is Only 12” Wide. Built in wine cooler or free-standing.
  • UV resistant double-paned glass door to keep outside heat out and keep the cool temperature for your wines. 
  • Six removable wood shelves help to keep your wines organized while also adding to the elegance of the whole unit. The lower rack can be spaced out to give more room for larger bottles on the bottom. 
  • Reliable temperature stability.
  • Capacity is not 18 bottles if you include Pinot Noir or Champagne bottles.

6) Edgestar 7 Bottle | Best Slim*

This cooler is definitely NOT the best bang for your buck. But if appearance and space is your #1 factor, this elegant wine cooler can fit between the cabinets or in any awkward spaces.


  • For those looking to store a few bottles in a small compact situation.  This slim-fit built in wine cooler can fit in just about any kitchen or small apartment.
  • Beautiful sleek design. Tinted UV resistant glass door.
  • Temperature range from 40-65 degrees F. Reliable temperature stability.
  • Removable shelves to fit larger size bottle. 
  • Maximum capacity: 7 bottles

7) N'FINITY S Dual Zone | Best Overall Wine Cooler*

One of the best wine coolers on the market, because of their quality and design.


  • Free-standing or built-in, high-quality and elegant design, great for a wine enthusiast
  • Equipped with high performance Embraco compressor cooling
  • Dual Digital Temperature Zones: Upper for White wines and Lower for red wines.
  • Very quiet – Innovative technology keeps noise to a minimum 
  • Maximum Bottle Capacity: 46 standard Bordeaux-size bottles
  • Standard Warranty: 1 Year Parts & Labor
  • Space is minimal and narrow, cannot fit Champagne bottles
  • Dual zone temperature limits – For example, this becomes an issue if you have more whites than reds. The bottom temperature limit may not be cold enough.

8) Wine Enthusiast 24-Bottle | Best Upright Bottle Storage *

wine refrigerators


  • A well-priced, standard freestanding wine cooler
  • Very quiet and elegant
  • Includes an upright bottle holder that can hold 4 open bottles, adjustable shelving
  • Holds up to 24 bottles 
  • Standard Warranty: 1-Year Parts & Labor
  • Probably can only hold 3 bottles upright

9) Wine Enthusiast 18-Bottle Slimline

wine refrigerators


  • Free-standing narrow-width (9.9” Width) cooler fits perfectly into small spaces
  • Includes upright storage rack that can hold four open bottles 
  • Advanced solid-state cooling is 65% more energy-efficient than previous models
  • Standard Warranty: 1-Year Parts & Labor
  • Dual Temperature Zones
  • No glass window door to view bottles without opening

10) Nutrichef - 15 Bottle


  • Good price, very quiet, and elegant appearance
  • Child Safety Auto-Lock Function 
  • Angled bottom shelf
  • Good customer service
  • Free-Standing Design for Floor, Built-in, Table or Countertop Placement
  • Maximum bottle capacity is 15 
  • Temperature stability is ok

11) Kalamera - 30 bottle | Best Single Zone Compact*

wine refrigerators wine fridges


  • High-quality, quiet, sleek appearance and functional 
  • Adjustable cabinet foot to keep cooler level
  • Advanced Cooling Technology
  • Shelves are good for different types bottles
  • Single Zone temperature – Perfect wine cooler for red wines.

What are the Best Wine Fridges?

12) EuroCave Premier L | Best for Wine Collector*

wine refrigerators wine cellar wine fridges red wine unopened wine

EuroCave is a premiere, quality brand for wine refrigerators


  • Modern/Smart Design
  • Enhanced Performance: Over 60% more energy efficient, lower acoustic levels & expanded external temperature threshold of 32-95 °F
  • High Quality/Low Emission Glass Doors with New Locking System & Integrated Door Handle
  • Visual and Audible Temperature Alarms
  • Maximum bottle capacity is 178
  • Standard Warranty: 1 Year Parts & Labor, 5-Years Sealed System (Parts Only)
  • None that we know of but one thing could be a slightly lower bottle capacity

13) Vinothèque XL Single Zone | Best Commercial*

For those that want a commercial quality wine refrigerator for their wine cellar. This is only a single zone for 200+ bottles of reds. Recommended for red-wine enthusiasts.


  • Commercial Quality 
  • Stainless steel door gives it a luxury design  
  • Equipped with Advanced High-Performance Inverter Compressor Cooling for Consistent Stable Ideal Temperatures
  • Library Quiet –  You Will Hardly Know Its On
  • Maximum Bottle Capacity: 250 standard Bordeaux-size bottles
  • Standard Warranty: 1 Year Parts & Labor
  • Mainly used for red wines, Single Zone Temperature (41 to 68 degrees)

14) EuroCave Pure-Professional L Dual Zone | Most Energy Efficient*


  • High quality, beautiful and highly functional to fit in a wine cellar or garage.
  • A+ Energy Efficiency (55% More Efficient Than Older Models)
  • 12 adjustable wine racks that cradle your bottles individually and securely
  • Improved Shelf Spacing for comfortable fit
  • Sophisticated Dual Zones & Alarm System
  • Maximum Bottle Capacity: 170 wines
  • If including non-standard shaped wine bottles, the maximum storage will be less than 150 bottles

15) Wine Enthusiast VinoView | Best and Largest for Wine Enthusiast*


  • Sleek in design with state-of-the-art compressor cooling performance
  • VinoView Shelving – Patented matrix shelf design creates a great way to display your favorite wines and easily view your entire collection in the wine cellar. 
  • Bottle capacity: Holds up to 310 Bordeaux wine bottles
  • Dramatic LED Interior Side Lighting
  • Built-In or Free Standing Design
  • Standard Warranty: 1 Year Parts & Labor
  • If including non-standard shaped bottles, the maximum storage will be less than 275 bottles


Is it Worth Getting a Wine Fridge?

This is a difficult question to answer because it depends on a lot of factors. If you are an avid wine collector with a large collection, then a wine refrigerator is definitely worth the investment. However, if you only drink wine occasionally, then a fridge might not be necessary. 

Here are some things to consider when deciding if a wine fridge is worth the investment:

  • How much wine do you drink?
  • How many wine bottles do you have?
    • Do you have a large collection or just a few bottles?
  • How much space do you have in your home?
  • What is your budget?

If you answered any of these questions, then you enjoy wine and therefore a wine fridge might be worth the investment. There are many different types and sizes of wine coolers/wine fridges on the market, so it is important to do your research before making a purchase.

What is the Point of Wine Coolers And Wine Fridges?

A wine refrigerators are designed to keep your wine at the ideal temperature and humidity, which will help to preserve the quality of your wine. Wine needs to be stored in a cool, dark, and moist place in order to stay fresh. 

If you have wine bottles with corks, be sure to store it horizontally in a rack. Keeping the cork moist will help prevent premature aging and seepage which can cause leaks or other problems with long-term storage!

And if you have a large collection, a wine fridge can also help to save space in your home. 

How Long Does Wine Last in Wine Coolers/Fridges?

Wine can last for many years if it is stored properly in a good, quality wine fridge. However, it is important to note that wine will peak, so make sure you know when to enjoy it.

And if you are planning on storing your wine for a long period of time, it’s best to consult with an expert.

Many have also asked this questions: Does wine freeze?

Do you Put Red Wine in a Wine Fridge?

Yes, you can store red wine in a wine fridge.

The ideal temperature to drink reds is between 55-63°F (degrees Fahrenheit). Too cold and it becomes dull; too warm, alcohol flavors come through instead of rich fruitiness you may want. 

The best temperature for serving your favorite red wine is different depending on the type. Lighter-bodied and high acidity wines like Pinot Noir or Beaujolais should be served cooler, while fuller bodied red varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon need to stay warmer so that you can smell and taste some more flavors!

What are the Best Temperatures to Store Wine?

Some people use their standard refrigerators to store wines, but a normal common fridge is too cold and the humidity is too low. Plus if you have more than 2 bottles, it takes up too much room. 

So it is quite important to invest in a fridge to keep your bottles safe. Look for one that has a dual zone wine storage for white and red wines. Here are some wine fridge temperatures to follow: 

wine fridge temperature dual zone dual zone for red wine and white wine

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