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Given the events of the past year, it seems that all we do nowadays is stay indoors. So let’s take a look at some of the best wine delivery services online.

How else can we indulge in our favorite wine drinks if not by ordering them online?

Yes, the cost of delivery is quite high but there is always a way to ensure that you save more.

When ordering online, most places offer FREE delivery for a minimum spend/bottles on your order. Be prepared to reach this minimum to make buying wine online worth it. 

Also since all wine deliveries require an adult’s signature, ensure that you are at home any time you buy wine online. Otherwise, opt for office delivery.

Best Wine Delivery Service ONLINE

Design – Has a user friendly website and app. However always use your desktop so that you can activate Rakuten/Honey.

Selection– Largest selection of wines online! (over 10,000 different wines in stock)

Wine Delivery – Orders are shipped immediately, although some will ship a few days later. But we normally receive our orders within 7 days of ordering

Wine Prices – Depends on a number of factors. Normally a wide variety of discounts to choose from, so Rakuten is a must!

WineO Tip

If you buy a lot of wine, sign up for their StewardShip program to get a full year of free delivery. The program works in a similar way to Amazon Prime’s.

Being part of the StewardShip program really makes the best place to buy wines online.

Design – Orders are made through a user-friendly app.

Selection – is based on local wine stores.

Wine Delivery – Offers fast delivery, you can normally get the wines within an hour of ordering

Wine PricesQuite expensive. Because there will be a delivery fee, tip, and high retail wine costs from the neighborhood retailer.

WineO Tip

Use your desktop if you can to purchase, so that Rakuten/Honey can find the many coupons/discounts.

Best place for wine delivery if you need it fast.

Design – Offers a clean, user-friendly website.

Selection – A diverse collection of affordable to premium wines from all over the world.

Wine Delivery – Shipping is included if you spend more than $120 or if you buy any 6 bottles. Otherwise, it will be about ~$15 delivery fee using UPS Ground to deliver your wines. And not all their wines are in stock, so there could be a significant delivery time.

Wine Prices – Wines are fairly priced. And they also have very good sales at times.

WineO Tip

Also if you don’t know what to get I would choose their wine sets. Therefore you can see what you will be receiving before purchasing.

Normally I’m opposed to wine clubs because honestly, they don’t give you a good deal. And you don’t know what wines you are receiving, therefore it may be hit or miss on whether you like it or not. However, Wine Access probably has one of the better wine clubs around ($150 for 6 bottles).

Design – It’s Amazon, so I’m sure you have used it before.

Selection – Has a large selection of affordable mainstream wines. They sell through Amazon, Amazon Fresh, Whole Foods

Wine Delivery – All orders above $35 qualify for fast and free shipping. 2 to 4 hour or next day delivery should be expected.

Wine prices – Surprisingly their prices are not the best. However if you do have prime, there is no shipping fee and it does come fast!

WineO Tip

Must be an Amazon Prime member to reap benefits. Best wine delivery for affordable mainstream wines

Design – Orders can only be made on their website which is effective but not very easy to use (small font and poor spacing). 

SelectionInternationally acclaimed wineries.

Wine Delivery – Mainly for West Coast customers with shipping accomplished in only 14 states. Delivery price depends on your location and the amount you purchase. Anywhere from $12 – $30 delivery fee.

Wine prices – Though the pricing is great, the retailer doesn’t offer many affordable wines. This is more of a place to find premium wines that cost between $30 and $60, and over $100. They have more wines in these price category than any other price category.


Design – The website offers a user-friendly experience while navigating and searching for wines.

Selection – Composed of a wide variety of premium and affordable wines from all over the world.

Wine Delivery – Only in New York City are quite fast and can be fulfilled within a day.

Wine prices – Quite affordable.

This might be the best option for wine enthusiasts and revelers in New York City.

Honorable Mentions

Chambers Street Wines

These varieties are basically the K&L of New York City. The website is quite out-of-date and has small-font text, making it hard to use and search wines. However, it has great premium wine selections available at good prices.

Reserve Bar

The Reserve Bar is a pristine site to get super premium and luxury wines from. These valuable wines generally cost more than $100.

Total Wine & More

Total Wine & More gets a spot on the honorable mention. However, since there are over 214 large Total Wine & More stores in America, the usual Total Wine shoppers goes to one of their brick and mortar stores.

So now that you are ready to order, check out our top 10 Best ROSE wine!

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