Top 23 Best Wine at Safeway for Every OCCASION in 2023

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Safeway is one of the largest grocery store chains in the US. They have over 896 locations, primarily in the West Coast states (CA, WA, OR, AZ). But they also have many stores in Colorado, Virginia, and Maryland

The #1 reason why you would buy wine at Safeway is for CONVENIENCE. And their wine selections are probably better than most other grocery stores I have been to.

But to be honest, their selections are mainly American wines, and it’s hard to find many, if any, imported wines.

And I’m not going to say that Safeway gives the best prices, but again we buy wines here for convenience. Always easy to get all of your shopping done in one stop.

That being said, here is our list for the best wine at Safeway for every occasion:

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Occasion #1 – Impress the guests

So your boss is coming over after work to have dinner with you and your significant other. You’ve told him/her that you are a wine connoisseur, but you have no wine at home. AND you haven’t prepared what you will be cooking for dinner. So you head to Safeway to buy groceries and some wine. So you’ll probably be looking for the best wine at Safeway, and here they are…

costco cabernet sauvignon

Grown and made from the great wine region of Paso Robles, CA. And a great representation of the wines that can be made from this region. This wine was even ranked the #7 wine by Wine Enthusiast’s Top 100 wines in the World for 2020.

Tasting Notes: Vanilla, blackberry, plum, chocolate, oak,

Hess Allomi Cabernet Sauvignon

Hess winery is located kind off the beaten path (not on the Silverado trail/Route 29 in Napa). But when you get there is provides a serene and beautiful setting to enjoy wine. Hess Allomi cab is grown on the rolling hills of Napa Valley, which gives this wine some good complexity and diverse flavors.  

Tasting Notes: Vanilla, Blackberry, black currant, spice, and oak

stags' leap petite sirah

Coming from one of the most historic wineries in Napa Valley, this is one of my favorite wines from their collections of wines. And this wine is sure to impress any red wine lover!

Tasting Notes: Dark fruits, chocolate, oak, and spices

red blend wine

This winery is located in the middle of Napa Valley right off Route 29. And they produce the most popular Red Blend wine from California. Respected by almost every wine lover this will always make a great gift! 

Tasting Notes: Dark and red fruits, oak, vanilla, chocolate, and earthy notes

Occasion #2 – Celebrate with Sparkling wine!

Birthdays, Engagement parties, 4th of July, ANY celebratory event/occasion!

moet & chandon champagne

Coming from one of the most established and iconic Champagne houses in France. And quite possible the most popular Champagne in the US market, this wine never disappoints especially for any occasion to celebrate!.

Tasting Notes: Crisp and delicate with apple, citrus, and nutty flavors

Made from one of the most prominent wineries in Champagne, France.  This sparkling wine is from their California winery, producing one of the best value sparkling wines you can buy.

Tasting Notes: Apples, pear, toast, nutty

best wine at safeway

One of my favorite wineries for sparkling wine in Sonoma. Also, try their Cuvee 20 sparkling wine if available.

Tasting Notes: Green apple, pear, citrus, hint of creaminess


Another very popular and accessible Champagne sold in the US. This bubbly is good for those who love the nutty, yeasty, classic Champagne taste profile. Always a great choice for a celebration!

Tasting Notes: Lemon, apple, almond, yeast, brioche, toast

Occasion #3 – Enjoying wine at home by yourself

It’s been a long day and you deserve a treat when you get back home.

Unshackled Cabernet Sauvignon ($23)

Made from the Prisoner wine company that makes one of the best red blends from CA. This wine is their more better valued blend that doesn’t disappoint for California red. Lots of fruit and well balanced.

Tasting Notes: Cherry, plum, blackberry, vanilla

conundrum red blend wine for beginners

Conundrum Red is made by Caymus Vineyards, known for producing some of the best Napa Valley Cabernet. While their other red wines go for $100-$200 a bottle, this affordable red blend retains the quality of their more premium offerings. A red wine that receives 100% approval rate from my past guests (from beginners to wine connoisseurs). Must try!

Tasting Notes: Smooth black cherry, plum, blackberry, chocolate

black stallion cabernet sauvignon

If you are looking for a smooth, fruit-forward, California Cabernet Sauvignon, this is a great choice. For the price, it is a an excellent value for a Napa Valley red wine. Always a go to when I’m enjoying a bottle at home. 

Tasting Notes: Blackberry, plums, oak, and vanilla

napa cut cabernet sauvignon

This Cabernet Sauvignon is a refined, structured delight. Enjoy fresh baked plum and blackberry flavor before settling into the smooth mouthfeel of espresso, cocoa, and baking spice. A great wine to enjoy at home because it has a nice balanced acidity ends with an pleasant long finish.

Tasting Notes: Blackberry, plums, oak, cocoa, and vanilla

Occasion #4 – Chardonnay Lovers

Your mother-in-law is coming over and she loves her Chardonnay.

For a more high-end palate, this is a classic winery that makes classic CA Chardonnays. This wine ranks pretty high on my list for CA Chardonnays.

Tasting Notes: Butter, oak, vanilla, pear, and cream

frank family chardonnay

Enjoy a taste of toasted brioche and baked apple, with vanilla adding hints of elegance. And this then opens into a citrusy white peach with subtle seasoned oak and a well balanced acidity.  Just a fantastic white wine for Chardonnay lovers!

Tasting Notes: Oak, butter, apple, peach, citrus, vanilla, and brioche

For guests that just want that buttery, CA Chardonnay. The name says it all.

Tasting Notes: Buttery, oak, cream, hint of banana

Occasion #5 – Sweet Wine Lovers

You know your guests or hosts who only love sweet wines/drinks (like Moscato and Rieslings).

sweet wines

A sweet Italian Moscato wine that will satisfy any sweet wine lover’s taste buds. Very popular and accessible always a good choice if you are looking for something sweet!

Tasting Notes: Peach, pear, apricot, and honey

Being a sweet red wine might intrigue many people.  This is a tasty wine that should pair well with most foods.

Tasting Notes: Effervescent, cherry, strawberry, plum, fruit forward and sweet

Occasion #6 – Hot Summer Day!

You are having or heading to a summer time BBQ and you need refreshing crisp wine. And/or you know that person is a NZ Sauvignon Blanc or Rosé wine lover!

best sauvignon blanc

A good NZ Sauvignon Blanc from the renowned Marlborough region.

Tasting Notes: Grapefruit, pear, apple, peach

In the middle of Napa Valley on Route 29, this winery makes some delicious wines. Their Sauvignon Blanc is their best-valued wine.

Tasting Notes: Crisp, citrus, melon, pineapple

whispering angel rose

For many reasons, this wine is one of the most popular Rosés in the US market. It is everything you typically want in a Provence Rosé – dry, crisp, refreshing, and mineral-driven. Great for a hot summer day!

Tasting Notes: Strawberry, raspberry, citrus, melon, and grapefruit

From the Central Coast of California, this grenache wine is a fantastic summer wine. Dry, crisp, and refreshing. Just make sure to serve chilled!

Tasting Notes: Strawberry, lime, citrus, peach, and grapefruit

A delicious Rosé wine for those who enjoy Provence Rosé or any Rosés for that matter. Light, dry, refreshing, and crisp minerality along with delicate fruit flavors. It’s always a great choice on your next stop to Safeway!

Tasting Notes: Strawberry, peach, raspberry, citrus, and minerals

This juicy, strawberry forward wine is complemented by hints of green apple and citrus for a light tart finish. The balance between the medium acidity and sweetness makes it an ideal companion for sultry summer days!

Tasting Notes: Strawberry cream, white flowers, pear, raspberry, and citrus notes 

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