17+ Best Trader Joes Wine Under $20 for 2023

best trader joe's wine

When people ask me where to shop for wine, I always tell them your local Trader Joe’s wine shop is a good start.

And I’m not talking about that Charles Shaw wine (aka two buck chuck), this would be all the wines that Trader Joe’s sells. Because Trader Joe’s has some of the best value wines you can find at any store. Whether you are looking for a Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Rose, or any other wine, Trader Joe’s wine shop is the place to go. 

So, here is our list of best Trader Joe’s wines:

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What are the Best Wines at Trader Joe's?

As long as I find more good wines at Trader Joe’s, I will continue to add more wines to the list. 

Cecilia Beretta trader joe's wines

Prosecco is always a great choice when you’re looking for a sparkling wine. This is an excellent value prosecco, and it also tastes great. Only $7!

If you want a bit of color, Trader Joe’s carries an equally great tasting Prosecco Sparkling Rose from the same label. Both of these drinks are perfect for all occasions, especially if you plan on drinking like a WineO. 

If you are looking for sparkling wine at Trader Joe’s, there is no other option! 

Tasting notes: Light and fizzy with notes of citrus and tree fruits.

charles shaw wines

If you like New Zealand Sauv Blanc, you will not find a better deal than this. Under $10, this dry white is bound to be the winner for your next party.

Tasting notes: Refreshing and clean wine with grapefruit and citrus notes

charles shaw label best wine at walmart

Another bottle of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc that gives you everything you want in a summer white wine. This is a popular label because it’s refreshing, crisp, and priced well at under $10. Almost always available at Trader Joe’s.

Tasting Notes: Citrus, grapefruit, fresh and good mouthwatering acidity

the palm rose

While the wine is not produced by the same Whispering Angel chateau, it nonetheless shines as an authentic Rosé from Provence. A great choice for your next trip to Trader Joe’s for those hot summer months!

The Palm Rosé shows more subtle fruity notes follows through with crisp freshness. 

Tasting Notes: Notes of strawberry, watermelon, peach, and citrus. With a refreshing rosé finish!

Sonoma Cutrer Chardonnay

Sonoma wine region is normally known for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. So this wine has hints of buttery and oaky flavors like many Chardonnays from California. It’s incredibly delicious with popcorn/potato chips and an absolute steal at Trader Joe’s for a price under $20. 

Tasting notes: Bold and dry white wine with notes of oak, tree fruit, and citrus

Bread and Butter Chardonnay

This Bread & Butter Chardonnay is a Chard-lover’s dream come true. Though a simple label, you can expect tons of flavor from this ideal medium to full-bodied buttery California Chardonnay

Tasting Notes: Rich notes of vanilla bean and almond with hints of tropical fruit that linger into a long, creamy finish.

This is an easy-drinking bottle of wine made from a California label known for making value wines. This is a perfect bottle for a Cab lover on a budget. The price of this bottle if generally around $18-$20.

Tasting notes: Fruit-forward, with red and black fruit flavor with a smooth finish

Many people have never heard of this red wine or varietal, but for $9.99 at Trader Joe’s, it is one of the best wines under $10. It is from Puglia, normally home to another great wine called Primitivo, and is harvested at the heel of the boot in Italy.

Tasting notes: Bold flavor with oaky and plum, blackberry, cherry notes

rutherford lane

This wine is an incredibly great value. A bottle of Cabernet like this should definitely cost $40-60. This wine is easy to drink and is always a good option.

Tasting notes: A medium bodied to full bodied wine that is full of flavor. Oaky, vanilla with plum, cherry fruits

best Italian red wines

This red wine is fantastic, and you won’t find a better Amarone at this price. Amarone is a unique red made with dried fruit and one of the world’s best wines. Half the cost of normal Amarone prices, but taste just as good if not better. I’ve only found this wine at Trader Joe’s.

Tasting notes: A bold, velvety smooth, fruit forward wine with hints of blackberries, currants, and cherries

saldo zinfandel wine for beginners

A fantastic, juicy Zin from a winery that makes tremendous red blend wines. It’s a wonderful red wine that truly captures the flavors of a California Zinfandel. One of my favorite bottles of wine at TJs, whenever it’s on the shelves.

Tasting Notes: Silky smooth with black and red fruits, some jam and oak notes to finish. 

This medium bodied wine has fooled a red wine snob or two. For under $10, you may not find a better full-bodied red with great flavors! This is a great representation of the value you can find in the Paso Robles region. This winery also makes a pretty good Zin and red blend.

This bottle goes fast at Trader Joe’s, so if you see it buy it!

Tasting Notes: Oak, Vanilla, Blackberry, Plum, Cherry, not too complex nor too simple. Just a good solid Cabernet at a fantastic price!

chateau ste michelle cabernet

From one of the largest producing wineries in the world, this Washington State Cabernet is an easy-drinking, great value red wine.

Tasting Notes: Ripe red fruit, Cherries, Oak, Blackberry, and Chocolate. 

cooper and thief red blend

While I don’t consider myself a bourbon expert, I do like and drink bourbon often. And with that being said, I didn’t notice any bourbon flavors that were different from oak barrel-aged wines.

And if you are wine aficionado, you’ll probably think of this dry wine as too sweet. But then again, most wines that are mass-produced would be too sweet for you. It’s approachable, affordable, accessible, and easy to drink. 

sweet riesling

Germany is known for its Rieslings, especially from the Mosel region. This is one of the best priced value wines from that region. For a wine snob, this may come off as too sweet. But this is a good Riesling with slight sweetness and mineral notes. 

Tasting notes: This wine has a clean mineral taste with light sweetness and notes of tree fruits and citrus

Compared to other Rieslings, this wine isn’t as sweet, but it does have some sweetness to it. This wine is very versatile and pairs well with almost all foods. At around $7 this wine might be one of the best wines to buy at Trader Joe’s for wine beginners

Tasting notes: Slightly sweet wine with green apple and citrus notes with a hint of honey

If you drink sweet wines and want to try something other than a Riesling or Moscato, this is a great choice. Learn more about Vouvray wine!

Tasting notes: This white wine has a hint of minerals to go along with the sweetness

costco wine

One of the best value and most popular Cabernet Sauvignon from Paso Robles wine region in CA. If you are looking for an easy drinking red wine with dark fruit flavors, that both wine enthusiasts and casual wine drinkers will enjoy!

Tasting notes: Black currant, cherry, chocolate, vanilla, and dark fruits flavors. 

Is Trader Joe's Wine Any Good?

charles shaw wines

I’m sure you’ve asked yourself that question before. And, like me, you were probably hesitant to shop there because you may have thought they only sold Charles Shaw wine  (private label wines) aka the Two Buck Chuck or Trader Joe’s Reserve. And because of these infamous Trader Joe’s wines, you weren’t sure if the other wines were worth the price. 

Well, I’m here to tell you that, yes, the wines at Trader Joe’s are worth the price. In fact, many of the wines they sell are downright delicious! By the way, not all Trader Joe’s stores sell wine. Just states that allow alcohol to be sold in a grocery store. 

So if you’re looking for a good bottle of vino that is well priced, head over to your nearest Trader Joe’s and start browsing. And they also have a great cheese section in the store. So make sure you stop by to get both. You won’t regret it! 

What wines are sold at Trader Joe's?

If you’re a wine lover or even a wine snob, Trader Joe’s wine shop is the place to be. The supermarket chain sells a variety of wines, ranging from affordable options to more expensive bottles (up to $70). 

Whether you’re looking for an Oregon Pinot Noir or French Bordeaux wine or even a tasty bubbly for the holiday season, there’s sure to be an option at Trader Joe’s that suits your taste. 

And if not, and you are near a Costco, check out our list for best wines at Costco!

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